Digbi Health: Offering Personalized Gut Microbiome-Based Whole-Person Care

Ranjan Sinha, Founder & CEO

Having begun his career at Apple, Ranjan Sinha found his love for building products and has since curated large data software, human resources services, and wellness businesses. He has built many successful businesses, but Digbi Health is a passion.

Digbi Health’s team is working hard to make chronic mental and lifestyle illnesses optional through personalized gut microbiome-based whole-person care.

Digbi Health is an AI-powered, precision digital therapeutics platform that uses genetic and gut microbiome data to provide a precision care program. It is impacting the digital therapeutics space through its innovative and personalized approach to addressing digestive illness, cardio-metabolic conditions, and mental health. Digbi’s integrated and multi-modal care incorporates gut microbiome and genetic signals to improve outcomes by 5x compared to the standard treatment.
“We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to create a program tailored to one’s genetics, gut microbiome, clinical markers, lifestyle, and socioeconomic and behavioural risk patterns,” says Sinha, the CEO of Digbi Health. “We go beyond conventional wellness programs to develop a comprehensive, precision care program.”

Moreover, Digbi addresses the challenge of engagement through a relationship-based care model. Through its AI technology and expert health coaches, Digbi provides members with the ongoing support they need to make meaningful health changes.

We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to create a program tailored to one’s genetics, gut microbiome, clinical markers, lifestyle, and socioeconomic and behavioural risk patterns

Digbi delivers tailored, wholeperson care that addresses the root cause of one’s disease. Core features of the program include behavioral coaching support, food as medicine guidance, remote monitoring, and care coordination. The company empowers members to take control of their health through data-driven, realistic lifestyle changes that yield impactful results. Its program has transformed thousands of lives by enhancing mental health, reversing digestive symptoms, improving cardio-metabolic health, and decreasing medication use.
As an example, for a user who struggled with obesity, digestive issues, and cardio-metabolic health, Digbi enabled him to change his eating habits completely. The data-driven changes and the support of the coach increased his energy levels, helped him achieve his weight loss goals, and reversed his bloating and IBS issues. He also was able to lower his blood pressure and stop using his CPAP machine for good. His friends barely recognized him, and his mom cried tears of joy when she saw him for the first time. Beyond the positive changes in his physical health, the most significant change is the improvement of the client’s mental health. He now feels better and more confident than ever.

Being the first gut microbiome, genetics-based virtual care platform for people struggling with polychronic mental and physical conditions, Digbi’s data-driven, personalized care puts the member in charge of their health. The company provides all members with the opportunity to live a healthy and pain-free life with seamless care coordination, evidence-based education, and the behavioral support they need to make sustainable and meaningful life changes.

“We have your genetic data, your microbiome data, and we know your lifestyle and the pharmaceuticals you're consuming. This is what enables us to offer the best possible personalized solution,” says Sinha.