dialoggBox: Harnessing the Knowledge Hidden in Conversations

Ritu Malhotra, CEO

At a time when businesses are thriving on innovation, effective communication and collaboration for sharing of concepts and brainstorming ideas have become crucial. As such, more companies are generating huge volumes of data through an increased number of conversations among internal employees and external partners. Abundant information is being shared on diverse platforms: from the traditional phone and email to modern Slack and other cutting-edge collaboration tools. However, given the decentralized nature of the modern workforce and the increasing reliance on various digital and social collaboration tools, important knowledge stays confined to the current conversation context or worse, slip through the cracks. The end result: performance tracking is inefficient, hand-offs are time consuming, and meetings are winded up with below than expected outcomes.

What if a business had a tool that could automatically capture the nuggets of information—proposals, action items, concerns, accolades, and knowledge— spoken or shared by every participant in a meeting and share those with all of them soon after the meeting ends?
Imagine the benefits of these captured insights channeled into relevant persons and contexts. Besides driving the efficiency of meetings, new ideas within conversations can be quickly turned into innovative offerings, paving the way for improved market competitiveness.

Enter dialoggBox, a company that enables customers to increase productivity and melt silos by disseminating key information hidden in conversations with context to the relevant persons. Based out of San- Francisco, the company drives value from existing discussions and meetings by surfacing the contextually-relevant information using three core AI and NLP algorithms and a unique cloud-based architecture.

“dialoggBox was conceived when I was reading Sapiens, a book by Noah Harari, that tracks how human communication drove progress through ‘shared concepts’. The book resonated with my experience: when companies and professionals do not perform well, it is often because they do not communicate. dialoggBox can automatically surface milestones and sentiments buried in millions of emails, meetings, and messages, enabling automatic performance tracking, hand-off recommendations, and follow-up notes,” says Ritu Malhotra, CEO of the company. “Or it can be the top 10 highlights shared by all the participants in the previous meeting which a business executive can take forward to the next meeting, saving time and resources.” This enables employees to work towards common goals and drive maximum success.
Simply put, dialoggBox helps business users conquer idea siloes and contribute to the overall development of the organization.

A unique aspect of dialoggBox is its usability. The users of Google Calendar and Office 365 can avail dialoggBox as a plugin app and capture the insights from their conversations automatically, without having to bring any change to the way they work. The product is also available as Chrome extension as well as a mobile app, both iOS and Android. Once subscribed through the mobile app store or a link from a colleague, the user immediately gets an annual subscription to the product.

dialoggBox’s recent partnership with Agumbe.net, a proven incubator, stands as a testimony to the strong business value it is driving. The companies have reached an agreement to provide the app to all its startup customer success teams, building upon previous successes like Kilopass, Ausdia, and others who it helped achieve >30 percent CAGR in expansion ARR.

For the future, dialoggBox can be expected to rapidly add additional app integrations. The company’s focus groups indicate that advisory professionals, customer success leads, and executives, who work across the boundaries of groups, organizations, and time zones, can benefit from the product in a big way. With an aim to turn discussions into powerful and effective decisions for more companies globally, dialoggBox aims to expand in the US, Europe, and India.