Decimal Health: Redefining Digital Health Services

Kamal Jethwani, Managing Partner and CEO

The circumstances following the pandemic expedited the adoption of many digital services in the healthcare space. However, several emerging digital health companies lack the necessary expertise to maximize the potential of this new demand by adapting to the arcane workflows in healthcare practices. As a result, companies, particularly startups with limited resources, face an uphill struggle in gaining traction with hospital systems and health insurance companies (payers).

This is where Decimal Health brings its gamechanging strategies into play.

The company is a physician-led consultation firm that helps emerging digital health service companies establish themselves in the healthcare landscape. “Our service provides an end-toend solution that helps companies navigate the complicated healthcare ecosystem and become a market leader rather than a market follower,” says Dr. Kamal Jethwani, Managing Partner and CEO of Decimal Health.

Decimal Health correlates deep industry expertise with technology to devise a holistic market strategy for its customers in the digital health space. The company starts this process by first understanding their client's product via a use-case development stage. During this phase, Decimal will identify the product's unique market fit and the kind of need/use case it addresses within the health care industry.
The company then formulates a comprehensive market strategy by collating several factors, including customer segmentation, digital channel, pricing, regulatory adherence, and deployment. In effect, the firm identifies the beachhead market where that specific solution can: (1) Enter with minimum effort, (2) Create maximum impact, and (3) Gain customers as quickly as possible.

After devising the market strategy, Decimal spends the next six weeks helping clients convert it into an actionable playbook which is then materialized as a sales and operations framework. The firm calls this phase the ‘Growth Practice’—a stage where customers refine their value proposition and market positioning. The company also lends a helping hand in training employees to answer customer questions. Later, Decimal assists clients in devising a customer-centric sales process and works with them in product implementation, market launch and sales as well.

“We help clients create an operational playbook and then help them implement it. We even train the client's team to better operationalize the solution,” says Jethwani.

Decimal's unique value proposition levels the playing field for startups with limited resources, enabling them to compete with more prominent players in the industry. In addition, the firm is a full solution shop where clients receive individual attention directly from the Partners, in addition to their experienced teams.

Decimal's novel strategies have helped many clients break into different market segments within the health care sphere. For instance, one of their clients wanted to sell their mental health solutions to employers. They approached Decimal to validate their market strategy and verify if it could enable them to compete against existing market players.
During the evaluation, Decimal found that client didn't hold the right differentiators to capture its target audience. Consequently, the firm identified a unique segment where the client could enter as a market leader and devised a different strategy. Needless to say, the client changed their trajectory—going from an employer-centered mental healthcare provider to an expert digital therapeutic. Recently, this client even achieved breakthrough designation with the FDA. Now, they hold the ability to develop an FDA-approved digital therapy. Instead of spending millions in a crowded market, they are now poised to become a market leader in this new segment.

Our service provides an end-toend solution that aids digital health companies navigate the complicated healthcare ecosystem and helps establish themselves as market leaders rather than a market followers

Decimal is synonymous with many such clients' success stories and has already worked with 55+ companies in a short span, with a 90 percent retention rate, meaning most of their clients re-engage with the firm for a second project, as well as >150% growth YoY in the last 3 years. Looking ahead, the health care industry in the US is gaining unprecedented traction with an all-time high GDP of 19 percent. In essence, the digital health services landscape holds a massive growth potential, a fact bolstered by the recent $60 billion injection it recently received from venture capitalists. To take full advantage of the growing industry as market leaders, companies need specialists like Decimal Health.