Craftner Inc.: Crafting Expert Solutions

In this ever-changing world of business, cost-effective and timely solutions would help organizations understand and meet the demands of their customers and gain a competitive edge. That’s where Craftner comes in. Co-headquartered in the USA and India, the company is an international IT Solutions & Consulting firm with a vast domain knowledge in retail, banking and financial services that provides end-to-end technology consulting and solutions with a focus on “niche technologies” such as Cloud, ERP, Emerging Digital, Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR. The company works with clients in providing low-cost staffing and solutions by leveraging its proven delivery model and structure. “The difference that clients notice when working with Craftner is the strategic phased approach we use even before evaluating the work structure and type of services to be performed,” says Ravisankar Ramanathan, president & CEO of Craftner Inc. Ravisankar Ramanathan is a seasoned entrepreneur who attributes his success to several factors – vision, self-awareness, continuous learning, leadership development, corporate governance, execution, and perseverance. With over 20 years of technology consulting experience in industries ranging from banking, retail, and healthcare to commercial real estate, Ramanathan drives the company’s strategic planning through a constant refinement of corporate goals and by staying at par with researching current business trends.

The certified consultants from Craftner work collaboratively with clients to lay out a strategic roadmap that helps envision the big picture of the major milestones involved in the process of building the desired solution.

The difference that clients notice when working with Craftner is the strategic phased approach we use even before evaluating the work structure and type of services to be performed

With the swinging economy, growing competition and technology shift, it is always a challenge for most companies to adopt and withstand these drastic changes in IT capabilities. There is a bigger pie for a proactive IT consulting firm who are able to anticipate this change, equip, and respond to change. The emerging IT environment is at such a level of complexity that efforts to build IT infrastructure, and integrated applications require specialized expertise. “At Craftner, we always strive hard to keep ourselves updated with the upcoming technology changes, market risks, and the granular level of issues that may evolve during every phase of the project,” states Ramanathan. The company always focuses on being a single team cohesively paired with our customers to achieve this objective.

Craftner has established a Center of Excellence (CoE) in the emerging digital space and ERP. The CoE helps the company to provide its customers with cost and time effective solutions to their business needs and issues. To elaborate further, Ramanathan highlights a success story wherein Craftner’s CoE has helped its customers to overcome process hurdles by providing innovative solutions.

Ravisankar Ramanathan, President & CEO

Craftner recently helped a banking customer to completely transform their critical job schedules from an old Mainframe based scheduler to a user-friendly Control-M tool. This change not only helped the customer to eradicate the cost involved in using a mainframe system but also be equipped with a very user-friendly tool, where the business users themselves can add or modify the existing job schedules. Craftner has also been able to assist a retail client, struggling to complete their weekly payroll process within the specified duration, by customizing their existing PeopleSoft system. This process reduced runtime from 4 hours to 50 minutes and received appreciation from the CIO.

IT consulting, just as any product or service, has its own demand and competition. Craftner consistently engages in a high degree of adaptation in the IT consulting industry that will be required in the future. By introducing innovations and educating the market about the competitive benefits of those innovations, Craftner sustains its success in the industry. Adapting to technology changes, innovation, and hardwork is what determines the growth of Craftner in the consulting market.