CoreStack: Intelligent, Automated, and Continuous Cloud Governance that Unleashes the Power of Cloud

Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan, Founder and CEO

Every business in today’s hyperconnected world understands the transformative benefits a cloud-based architecture offers in delivering highly desirable results across the board. However, with the many advantages of cloud innovation come a set of challenges that requires incredible attention to detail to resolve. The security attacks on leading enterprises such as Equifax, Colonial Pipeline, Capital One, Marriott, GoDaddy etc. are examples of how a company and its customers can suffer greatly due to lack of governance in its cloud infrastructure.

Such situations are always unexpected; being prepared with robust cloud governance solutions is critical and an absolute necessity for a business in today’s technology-first milieu. Having predicted the popularity of cloud environments quite early on, Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan understood that companies would require technology assistance to truly leverage the full potential of the cloud. Consequently, he founded CoreStack to empower businesses with an AI-powered multi-cloud solution. “The reason CoreStack exists is to guide enterprises on their journey of digital transformation by helping them unleash the power of cloud on their terms through governance.,” expresses Natarajan. According to him, the point solutions for the cloud available in today’s marketplace do not bring the completeness that CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and CFOs desire. “They only concentrate on one element as opposed to solving problems for the network as a whole,” adds the visionary. Thus, focusing on the three distinct verticals of CloudOps, SecOps, and FinOps, CoreStack’s solution—sharing the same name as the company—is architected towards driving maximum outcome from the cloud.

The reason CoreStack exists is to guide enterprises on their journey of digital transformation by helping them unleash the power of cloud on their terms through governance

CoreStack’s AI and rule-based automation capabilities promise more lean, efficient, and seamless execution of operations. Clients can expect to implement new streamlined workflows with standardized and automated processes that avoid manual intervention errors. Continuous up-time is also promised with CoreStack’s noteworthy innovations. The level of visibility a business gains when leveraging CoreStack is incredibly nuanced, allowing users to measure important CloudOps metrics and utilize predictive machine learning to anticipate future workload performance and costs as well.

The SecOps capabilities of the CoreStack solution fortifies the entire cloud environment holistically, leaving no margin for errors. “This second dimension focuses on bolstering – infra security, compliance, governance, and risk mitigation for all applications running on the cloud,” explains Natarajan. CoreStack helps clients remain 100 percent compliant with over 800 policies, 1000 controls, and 13 popular standards. The company automates compliance for a business, which is error-free and convenient. There are no details left in the dark as users can track the movement of all its assets on the cloud with real-time updates and reports on cloud inventory for various compliance audits.

And, to top it all off, CoreStack ensures to help mitigate cloud costs by 50 percent with its extensive FinOps expertise. The company has invested a significant amount of time understanding the nature of cloud technology and its relationship with businesses today. CoreStack expects unpredictability and hence designed its solution to bring a sense of comfort to CFOs everywhere.
With improved cloud visibility, users can overcome the hurdles of cloud sprawls that often cause suboptimal resource consumption, requiring companies to incur unwarranted costs and downtime. CoreStack offers its clients the ability to view their cloud-spend, along with an array of essential insights, in a single, unified enterprise-wide view. The option to establish budgetary guardrails further speaks to the intuitiveness of CoreStack’s team, where users can efficiently allocate budgets to different accounts, departments, and user groups throughout the cloud environment.

To best elucidate on the capabilities of CoreStack, Natarajan shares the case study of the company’s first client: a large telecom provider that worked in collaboration with brands such as AT&T and T-Systems. The client was utilizing cloud-based services to test and validate their 5G offering. “The telecom provider was not able to use their data center efficiently because it was already at capacity,” recalls Natarajan. The client turned to AWS and ended up having to spend 250,000 dollars per month to manage its data, with some level of improved efficiency. Evidently, the client required a more effective workflow. After reaching out to CoreStack, they witnessed a substantial decrease in their OpEx by 60 percent and an increased overall productivity as well. “We obtained such results purely based on the level of automation and operational optimization CoreStack was able to offer,” states Natarajan.

With such a strong understanding of modern cloud governance, CoreStack stands amongst the leaders of innovation in this ever-expanding field. Moving forward, the company intends to continue supporting companies in their digital transformation journeys by empowering them to adopt the latest technologies with a complete sense of security and efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic further increased the need for cloud usage all over the globe, and CoreStack views this as a unique opportunity to propagate the resourcefulness of cloud-based infrastructures. With an ‘eyes forward’ approach to its business and future, CoreStack is gearing up to revolutionize how enterprises view cloud governance for years to come.