ConnectedStars: Bridging the Gap between Recruiters and Bench Marketers

A typical story of a traditional recruiter in the staffing industry a recruiter scours the database and send 50 profiles to the company. Ten candidates get shortlisted, four attend the interview, two attend all the five rounds, one candidate is offered the job, and he rejects the offer. Such instances are the reflection of the $25 Bn U.S. staffing industry, which lack a reliable technology portal to connect recruiters and bench marketers, and drive maximum value from the talent pool available in the market. "The days of manual mass mailing are long gone. It is the era of technology and the fate of staffing industry is sealed by it," emphasizes Pankaj Mohindru, Director, ConnectedStars. "Resonating with latest technologies and trends, our automated solution reaps the benefits of social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and data analytics to find the best talent for the companies.

"Through its staffing and applicant tracking software,Connected Stars has built a bridge between recruiters and bench sales
professionals to connect and share candidate candidate hotlists and draw benefits from quick responses and alerts."Bench sales professionals can get in touch with recruiters and hiring managers instantly or candidates can apply for jobs matching the bench availability and express interest over a single click," explains Mohindru. The Redmond, WA based ConnectedStars also enable recruiters to measure the performance levels of the bench professionals and effectively monitor the status and profiles of each candidate. "Our tool has an integrated dashboard that showcases total consultants on bench, job submissions by the bench candidates, and the interviews given by them," says Mohindru. With a single tap on the screen, recruiters can apply filters to fine tune their bench marketing strategy, highlighting the potential candidates with suitable profile, skills, and experience.

ConnectedStars also leverage social recruiting to find and advertise candidate profiles to extend the reach of recruiters and bench marketers. "Effective use of social media can increase your talent pool multi-fold," says Mohindru."With a single click of a button, our tool can allow you to share your job requirements with your personal network and get candidates from your employee's social networks.

recruiters or bench sales team can use ConnectedStars tools to scour thousands of resumes effortlessly and efficiently. "Our tool uses
advance search methodologies such as Boolean Search to find the set of talent that fits your requirements perfectly," says Mohindru. The recruiters can assess resumes on the tool in quick successions, find the "Once the customer has a list of candidates to contact or their applied job applications to assess, perfect match, share their profiles with the vendor, and schedule an interview for the official conversions.

Behind the resilience of the ConnectedStars' tools lies the continuous investments and diligence the company has expended in its R&D. One of such innovations is 'employee referral system with bench marketing', which the company has conditioned to use the power of referrals across social platforms to expand the talent pool of the clients. Another area where ConnectedStars has worked ambitiously is 'network for companies to connect' that provides access to a professional network of staffing companies, which can provide meaningful connections to recruiters.

In the coming years, ConnectedStars will be seen expanding its footprint in the U.S. market. "We will be perpetual in using our customer's feedback to enhance our portfolio and optimize our expertise. Working tangentially with our customers is imperative for us as it lays the foundation of our product innovation and journey," ends Mohindru.