Cogent IBS: Scalable and Flexible EM solutions

For Nataraj Ganapathy (Ganpy), the Principal & CEO of Cogent IBS, creativity is omnipresent in all endeavors of the company, with healthy doses of clarity and connectivity. These 3Cs, according to the CEO forms the basis of Cogent IBS and is reflected in the products and the services they provide. In the enterprise mobility landscape which is facing daily onslaughts of utility and usability, it is increasingly becoming challenging for firms to charter their course. "We take an approach wherein we listen to customers from different industries, about their challenges and their goals pertaining to a viable 'Mobile Strategy'," says Ganpy. "It's more of a reactionary approach. Indeed the approach has to be a measured action since utility cannot be easily addressed generically," he stresses. The utility of an enterprise mobile app is determined by the business problem that is unique to the business that the app is trying to address.

Keeping in lieu with the challenges, Cogent's enterprise mobility solutions have been devised in such a way that they can be tailored to the client's specific requirements. With products such as Coobo, the company is driving connectivity for its clients. Coobo is a multi-platform employee directory application that allows one to engage with his or her colleagues.
The product helps to track down the users' peers through their team members when they are unavailable. Coobo provides scalability through its on-premise and cloud storage option while also delivering security through its data access control and on-device encryption technology. Likewise, an employee can remain updated of the company's day to day tasks through Cogent's mConnect, a mobile employee dashboard. It further helps in completing the concerned individual's administrative task such as filing a leave or a travel request on time. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and seamlessly integrates with SAP and other HCM systems.

A large international shipping company with 100,000 employees was benefitted by Cogent's mConnect offering. Cogent IBS had to customize the app to accommodate the color schemes and layouts to complement the shipping company's theme. The company being global, was in need for customer employee engagement and Cogent IBS paved way for this innovation. It also offered SMART Server, a technology developed to handle large volumes of data.Cogent IBS' partnership with SAP has also come as a shot in the arm for the former. With more and more companies joining the BYOD bandwagon, often Cogent IBS has
to cater to multiple operating systems. With SAP experience under the Cogent team's belt, the company is focusing on complementing their mobile development strategy with certain functional areas in SAP like Supply Chain Management. "With HANA & BO being big areas of focus for our SAP clients, Cogent is focused on solving the big data issue in the enterprise mobility puzzle," informs Ganpy. In the mean time, the firm has launched an offshore development team in Spain. With the quality of resources and skills that the company possesses, it will certainly give them an edge over their competitors in the market place. The company is also working on a brand new cloud solution, which will put them on the HR map big time. It is an employee engagement portal and the first version will hit the market in the fall of 2015.