Cnetric: Bringing the Pieces together for Online Retailers

The fabric of the retail industry has undergone rapid transformation over the past decade. It has been estimated that global business-to consumer (B2C) e-commerce spending will grow at a CAGR of 12.7 percent to reach $1,285 billion in 2015. With growing number of double income nuclear families, people are now spending freely on designer apparel, accessories and IT products. Due to this rapid growth of the customer base, most mid market retailers are moving online where they have a larger audience to their product varieties. Retailers are also looking for omni-channel commerce solutions that will provide a unified shopping experience to customers across the store, web & mobile channels and call center. However, in order to implement these solutions large investments in IT and infrastructure are required which is daunting for most small and medium retailers.

Cnetric, a global systems integrator focused on providing enterprise solutions for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors came in to solve the problem with a cost-effective omni-channel e-Commerce solution. Cnetric’s Universal Commerce Suite™ is a Commerce-as-a-Service solution hosted on cloud infrastructure that includes web & mobile e-stores, order management & fulfillment capabilities with additional add-ons for digital analytics and call-center. Their solution is based on the scalable e-Commerce platform from IBM and is hosted on IBM SmartCloud
and SoftLayer. Cnetric is a Premier Business Partner of IBM and constantly strives to innovate and refine its service offerings and deployment capabilities.

"The Universal Commerce Suite™ is a complete e-Commerce solution that helps retailers to build and manage online businesses to augment their brick and mortar operations." says Manohar Durai, President and CTO, Cnetric.

Cnetric also provides other mid-market solutions in Business Analytics and Integration to empower retailers. Universal Retail Dashboard™ is a SaaS reporting solution that helps small and midsized retailers to create, manage, and deliver reports via the web or embedded enterprise applications. The retailers are spared from the trouble of sifting through the data in order to derive insight – the Universal Retail Dashboard churns the mounds of data and provides analytics through visualization and shows them only pertinent information to make well informed business decisions.

"Cnetric's SaaS solutions allow the mid market retailer to focus their efforts in growing their businesses and expanding customer footprint without the hassle of managing internal applications and infrastructure. The Universal Commerce Suite™ gives the retailer a cost savings of more than 30 percent over an on-premise e-Commerce solution." says Manohar Durai, President and CTO, Cnetric.

Manohar Durai

President & CEO

Forming Key Growth Alliances
The firm also provides a full complement of services that address top-of-mind issues that businesses face today. The services include helping clients enhance customer experiences, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform and grow business. "Our value proposition stands of the fact that we offer cost effective solutions for the mid market sectors on scalable platforms that accelerates business growth," says Durai. Cnetric always tries to ensure that the experience with the clients does not end with the life of a project. In order to achieve this, the firm works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into key business challenges, develop strategies and tactics to address each, and chart roadmaps to enable and deploy change. Through the relationship with their customers, Cnetric provides a platform for the mid market enterprises to grow exponentially and this makes them a market favorite in this domain.