Cloudbrink: Unrivaled Remote Network Performance. Anywhere. Anytime

Subbu Ponnuswamy, Founder & CTO

With hybrid workers accessing data and apps from home, a coffee shop, or a campground, stakeholders need to ensure a high-quality, consistent user experience without falling prey to cyber-attacks.

Employees often rely on traditional enterprise-managed solutions like VPNs, ZTNA, and SD-WAN to connect with office applications seamlessly. However, these come with their fair share of shortcomings—latency, jitter, and packet loss on their Wi-Fi or cellular access link—hampering overall productivity.

Purpose-built to deliver the industry’s highest-performing connectivity for remote and hybrid workers, Cloudbrink is changing this narrative. It drives accelerated performance for SaaS, UCaaS, and data-center apps with an all-software approach, leveraging a highly secure zero-trust model. This ensures office-grade network performance, reliability, and security for remote employees.

As working remotely becomes the norm for many office workers, the need for lightning-fast access to enterprise applications has become critically important. The Cloudbrink approach provides employees with this speed of access to boost their productivity, whether at home, in the local coffee shop, or traveling.

How does Cloudbrink achieve all this?

Leveraging its edge-native platform, Cloudbrink’s hybrid-accessas- a-service (HAaaS) transforms any internet or cellular connection to a LAN and provides a secure end-to-end connection built on zerotrust principles so employees can smoothly access office and SaaS applications.
“Taking the entire in-office legacy networking stack, we empower employees to enjoy LAN-over-WAN performance and experience office-like productivity anywhere, whether a coffee shop or home,” says Subbu Ponnuswamy, CTO of Cloudbrink. “The whole solution can be deployed in just 25 minutes.”

Employees can download the Brink app on their laptops and other devices. Once installed on the employees’ device, the Brink App pairs their device to the closest enterprise access points called FAST edges. This ensures LAN performance over any internet connection, and with VPN-less access to any SaaS, cloud, and data center applications, it delivers that secure in-office experience to the remote worker.

HAaaS accelerates any SaaS, UCaaS, and data center application. This flexibility gives enterprises an order-of-magnitude improvement in video and audio quality, faster file transfer, and speeds up everything employees need to access.

Enterprise IT teams have complete control over which specific applications a user or group of users can access. All details about users and applications are monitored and tracked by the solution’s centralized cloud portal for better auditing, compliance, and triaging threats.

Cloudbrink’s HAaaS integrates with leading single sign-on IDP solutions, supporting multi-factor authentication (MFA) and seamlessly handles multi-cloud access, helping enterprises securely manage complex multi-cloud connectivity.

Besides end-to-end encryption, Cloudbrink provides device posture assessment that allows enterprises to ensure employees’ devices are compliant with the current security policies. They can also monitor when a license is installed or updated and reject access for potentially risky devices.

A testament to Cloudbrink’s prowess is its collaboration with a Fortune 100 company. The client sought its help to enhance their developer teams’ performance. They had tried and tested multiple solutions, but every time a developer needed to upload large files to a shared repository, it took more than five times as long compared to when they were in the office.
Helping the World Adapt to a Hybrid Work Model

Onboarding Cloudbrink’s HAaaS solution, the enterprise saw an order-of-magnitude improvement in the file transfer speed, increasing productivity and helping them grow and globally expand their workforce. All other apps were also accelerated. For example, the latency of UCaaS applications such as WebEx and Teams was considerably reduced to move from poor-quality voice with no video to high-quality video and voice.

Taking the entire in-office legacy networking stack, we empower employees to enjoy LAN-over-WAN performance and experience office-like productivity anywhere, whether a coffee shop or home

Cloudbrink’s service is simple for any size of enterprise to use. Enterprises don’t have to construct any IT infrastructure. They just install the HAaaS app on their employees’ devices to access Office 365, Salesforce, or any other SaaS application. There is a software connector available as part of the service for those that also need to provide access to data centers or private cloud resources.

Cloudbrink's commitment to a revolutionary hybrid access approach redefines the expectations of enterprises and offices. It allows enterprises to move away from relying on physical spaces that offer limited capability toward a cloud-based solution that enables users to expand the reach of their businesses. With Hybrid Access as-a-service, companies are no longer tied to one office or branch — they can now transcend geographic boundaries, enabling them to work with colleagues from entirely different continents. This change is creating an unprecedented sense of unity among dispersed teams and inspiring employees with dream opportunities that would have been impossible a few years ago. Employers also benefit from being able to hire the best talent regardless of location, and the increase in employee morale further accelerates their productivity.