Cloudadic: Machine Learning for Reinventing Business Processes

"Previously a single firewall would protect an enterprise's network infrastructure, today it is technically unworkable. We need to build technologies that enable an infrastructure that can be managed from the cloud itself," emphasizes Balaji K, CEO. The foray of Cloudadic into Cloud was based on the premise that the cost-effective cloud infrastructure that they build for their customers would be secure as well. Keeping pace with the trends in the cloud infrastructure landscape today-seamless integration with the public cloud, Cloudadic's cloud SaaS initiative brings about extensive changes to a customer's network, storage, firewall, and data integration capabilities with its service model. "We focus on converting multifarious technology stacks into a service that can be seamlessly integrated with private and public cloud."

Also catering to the architectural shift that is taking place in terms of business applications, Cloudadic
orchestrates both the infrastructure and the software in cloud space. "For instance we have helped organizations to achieve horizontal scalability using the Docker platform where in we rewrite and re-tune any type of application to perfectly integrate with their cloud space," informs Balaji. In addition, Cloudadic uses the latest in the big data software frameworks and platforms such as-Apache Hadoop and Data flow-to build cloud-scale applications.For instance, the firm has built a receipt dock, which integrates directly with the stack. "While checking out of a restaurant, a patron can take a snapshot of the bill which gets automatically uploaded to cloud. With the help of machine learning, the text can be extracted from the bill to verify it and proceed to the payment process," cites Balaji. In one instance,, a startup offering a real-time solution for picking best sunglasses with a virtual try-on functionality, leveraged Cloudadic's infrastructure solutions to cut back on their operational overheads. The customer's infrastructure, which was running plain vanilla stack of AWS, was revamped to optimize the cost without compromising on the scalability.

"With the perimeter of security shifting there is a lot that we can do from outside in the cloud to protect the perimeter of an organization," says the veteran. For instance, machine learning and big-data are instrumental in detecting the source of phishing, to ensure that such malicious programs don't enter
into the perimeter itself. Cloud adic is in the process of building a security-centric product, Cloud Security Operation Center or Cloud SOC to resolve an enterprise's perimeter security issues. Also,Cloudadic has branched out to provide solutions to pro-actively guard security credentials so that they don't get stolen resulting in the systems getting compromised. "So instead of using some machine learning algorithms, we try to understand what the hackers would do. We're trying to externally replicate the hackers' lifecycle within the organization itself," delineates Balaji.Cloudadic's core strength lies in their deep expertise in the cloud infrastructure space and the kind of technological depth that they bring in with the help of distributed teams spread across multiple geographical zones. For instance, Cloudadic specializes in building an entire data center from scratch for a cost-effective and scalable solution on commodity hardware. "We can build enterprise cloud with all the capabilities of public cloud within their datacenter," asserts Balaji. "The know how to cut down the costs and the execution capabilities to address technological issues are additional differentiators for us."

Going forward, Cloudadic wants to focus more on their product base, building applications on the line of apps. Another area the firm will be concentrating on is building a mobile relationship management platform for integrating big data analytics and social media analytics, along with post-operational processes.