Chugh, LLP: End-to-End Immigration Services

Navneet Chugh, Managing Partner

The strong economic ties between the U.S. and India offer exciting opportunities for businesses seeking to expand. However, navigating the complexities of doing business across these vast markets requires careful consideration. Cultural differences, legal compliance, competition, infrastructure disparities, brand awareness, and logistics management are all hurdles that need to be addressed for successful expansion.

There are many immigration service providers, but Chugh, LLP stands out. This unique immigration practice group and law firm has offices in the U.S. and India. Led by an attorney, CPA, and managing partner Navneet Chugh, Chugh, LLP offers end-to-end immigration services with a sizable and respected team supporting emerging and established companies. The team comprises skilled attorneys, CPAs, and immigration professionals with expertise in U.S. business immigration, non-immigrant visas, and permanent residence cases. Each division, from immigration services to corporate law, employment law, transactional work, computer law, tax law, litigation, and mergers and acquisitions, has individual strengths and deep expertise.

Today, Chugh, LLP operates from 26 offices and employs 700 individuals. Twelve of its offices are based in the U.S., while the remaining 10 are in India. Most significantly, Chugh is associated with 64 of the top 100 Indian American companies, including Wipro, Mphasis, IBM Daksh, Infotech Enterprises, Satyam, HCL, Tavant Technologies, and Honeywell Technology Solutions.

“Our success stems from our reliance on technology, strong partnerships in India, and the synergy between the U.S. and India,” says Chugh.
An immigration journey for a business is similar to that of an individual immigrant. Just like an expatriate, a business needs to legally establish itself in the new country, build its brand, hire staff, secure office space, and manage intellectual property. Also, they must fulfill tax obligations, draft employment agreements and handbooks compliant with local regulations, and recruit talent domestically or internationally. Since its inception, Chugh has been supporting clients in all these aspects and promises to continue doing so.

Many of Chugh's earliest clients, who started small with just a few hundred employees, have now blossomed into industry giants, expanding to tens of thousands. Chugh has played a key role in ensuring smooth transitions of those journeys.

Over time, Chugh, LLP has adapted and expanded its service offerings to meet the evolving demands of its clients. For example, the firm now provides practical assistance, including airport pickups, securing accommodations, stocking kitchens, and helping with mundane tasks like obtaining social security numbers and purchasing vehicles. Chugh goes the extra mile to facilitate clients' settlement in the U.S. It has become an integral partner, akin to an external general counsel and CFO, for clients, rather than just being legal and financial advisors.

Today, Chugh, LLP provides full-service solutions, whether clients require legal, intellectual property, litigation, bankruptcy, accounting, or tax services. The company also guides clients through major industrial disputes like employer-employee problems, organizational restructuring, workforce adjustments, and alterations to employment terms and conditions.

In one case, Chugh, LLP successfully defended a client facing a class-action lawsuit filed by thousands of employees, saving them from severe consequences. The firm has navigated numerous government inquiries into clients' immigration practices and protected their interests throughout the process.
Similarly, Chugh, LLP offers its proficiency to foreign enterprises, particularly American and European firms, venturing into India. From navigating the complexities of real estate and employment laws to addressing tax and immigration matters, Chugh, LLP stays committed to offering comprehensive support to ease their establishment and growth in the Indian market.

Our success stems from our reliance on technology, strong partnerships in India and the synergy between the U.S. and India

In addition to providing a wide array of services across the U.S. and India, drawing from a shared pool of talent and resources, the firm specializes in addressing specific needs. These include helping established companies in India handle thorough due diligence, manage employment-related matters, conduct real estate transactions, and ensure compliance with foreign exchange regulations. On the real estate front, Chugh, LLP's emphasis covers the entire spectrum of the market. It engages in joint venture development, oversees township projects, handles real estate development and promotion, and manages lease and sales documentation.

Along with supporting business expansions, Mr. Chugh takes on corporate social responsibility by donating one percent of the firm's revenue to charitable and social endeavors. Chugh also engages in extensive pro-bono work. If someone needs help but has financial constraints, it provides services free of charge.

“In immigration, we have demonstrated our expertise by filing over half a million petitions with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) till now. We have processed 100,000 tax returns, established 10,000 new corporations, and nurtured startups to fruition. This has established us as one of the premier immigration law firms in the nation,” says Chugh.