Chugh, LLP: Delivering Powerful Immigration Solutions

Navneet S Chugh, Managing Partner, Attorney, & CPA

When it comes to immigration, there are many exciting developments underway regarding the U.S. immigration policy that may increase the importance of immigration attorneys in American society. President Biden has proposed revolutionary reforms which would make 11 million undocumented immigrants eligible for legal status and eventually U.S. citizenship. If they pass, the reforms are expected to change before implementation. However, this could mean that a greater number of individuals would qualify for immigration status this year and beyond. Additionally, reforms to employment-based immigration and an economy recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic may create an increased demand for corporate immigration support.

That’s where Chugh, LLP—a full-service law firm—plans to ramp up its services to meet this demand. This includes expansion of the firm into new geographies, continuing to hire new attorneys with additional language capabilities and new strengths, and using new marketing methods to reach new clientele.

At its core, Chugh, LLP is a comprehensive business solutions center that is committed to problem-solving with six U.S. offices and dozens of global affiliates.
“We partner with companies to achieve their goals by providing innovative, customized solutions,” says Navneet S Chugh, Managing Partner, Attorney, and CPA, Chugh, LLP. For over 25 years, the company has been a leader in full-service immigration for businesses and individuals. They understand the issues that corporate decision-makers face related to their workforce and global mobility. This is how Chugh, LLP’s experienced team stays on top of the changing immigration landscape in the U.S. and abroad, providing innovative due diligence and staffing insights. Further, Chugh, LLP attorneys provide customized problem-solving, rapid responses, and seamless immigration service so your company can excel in all the places where you do business. “We see our role as client partners, not merely as vendors. Our engagement with clients is not limited to just undertaking certain filings or stepping in when there is an issue,” mentions Navneet.

Several human resources leaders have commented on their inability to effectively plan career paths for promising employees in visa status due to the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. “With the objective of keeping clients well informed on developments in the field, we share informational material with them on a weekly (if not daily) basis. In addition to our newsletters, we also regularly host webinars and conferences that encourage clients to start ‘immigration planning’ for employees early on,” states Navneet. Further, on the data privacy and security side, Chugh, LLP is optimizing the use of its secure case management software to reduce the use of email.
Chugh, LLP offers holistic support that goes beyond standalone immigration law advice. For example, while drafting an employment contract for a visa employee, an attorney should be able to foresee and offer insights on immigration, contractual, and employment law issues. Chugh, LLP offers a unique offering in this space as it has an array of practice areas, including immigration, employment, corporate, and dispute resolution. They have also successfully represented several corporate clients in mergers and acquisitions as lead counsel, offering coordinated corporate, employment, immigration, and tax advice. What impresses clients is the company’s capability to address all their interrelated needs through integrated, customized support across practice areas.

As a full service legal, immigration, and tax firm, Chugh, LLP helps companies navigate business and legal matters as they grow in their industries in the U.S. and internationally. It also partners with corporate clients to create processes and programs that effectively anticipate and address potential compliance issues before they escalate into legal problems. Also, the company is continually evaluating expansion opportunities across the U.S. and through its international affiliate network. “Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction at every step. That’s why we respond to all calls and emails within one business day to provide friendly, compassionate service that is sensitive to your needs,” concludes Navneet.