Celuro: Binding Process and Technology for Smarter Supply Chains

Rajesh Gangadharan, CEO

Over the years, the supply chain expanse has suffered immensely. The reason: blind spots created due to the siloed nature of the existing supply chain processes and technology solutions in businesses across industries. A supply chain industry veteran with an inquisitive mind Rajesh Gangadharan, couldn’t understand why there was no talk of unifying business processes and technology solutions as part of a comprehensive strategy to supply chain optimization. Having solved a plethora of real-world problems on both sides of the fence, business process and technology implementations, he led the charge to beat the status quo and established Celuro.

For one, Celuro brings the answer to the life-changing questions facing modern businesses: how do I keep my supply chain department agile and responsive amid the ever-growing supply and demand volatility? How do I make modern technologies work in tandem with the business processes in place since three decades? Add to these the recent COVID-19 that continues to hammer the life and business of one and all. Celuro brings business processes and cutting-edge technology under one roof as part of its offerings, enabling companies to introduce robustness into their supply chain operations and proactively readjust their models and parameters in the face of turbulent market conditions.
Celuro’s real strength is its seasoned consultants with more than a decade of supply chain consulting experience. “The time our team takes to understand client’s Supply Chain is 1/10th of what a typical project team would take,” says Gangadharan. The team brings to bear its supply chain management (SCM) technology implementation and customization know-how to streamline the end-to-end processes, from sourcing to planning to fulfilment. Having tremendous hands-on experience working with SAP solutions, the company is eager to work with new, innovative solutions in the market, keeping clients’ operations at the leading edge.

Celuro’s SCM services can be broadly classified under three categories: SAP, process, and analytics. As part of its SAP SCM service, Celuro can carry out technical assessment and implementation of SAP solution either from scratch or an update or upgrade to enable new business processes. Celuro works closely with its clients through its process services, understanding their overall goals, strategy, and developing new design around the processes and systems to improve supply chain performance. The company combines all of its three services, if required, and uses the industry best practices to design supply chain metrics and value opportunity assessments.

On the analytics front, Celuro works with clients using an iterative approach to help them choose different mathematical models with the aim to improve their forecasting accuracy and responsiveness.
These traits will help clients optimize inventory, risk, and cost while giving them the confidence to take the best foot forward.

A case in point, one of its pharma clients, owning two factories, was shipping its newly manufactured products to their six warehouses spread across the nation. The existing distribution model was resulting in poor customer service results. They weren’t able to get the right product to the right place at the right time. The client engaged Celuro to address the issue. Analyzing the client’s business closely, Celuro guided the client to reduce the warehouses from six to three and rejig their distribution model. The new distribution model was such that the new product would enter the centralized warehouse with two other warehouses on the East Coast and the West Coast on standby. Celuro also educated the client on the value they could expect from the new model. And the actual results were pleasing. The client not only improved their customer satisfaction but also performed better in optimizing inventory.

Celuro is building libraries that will be home to knowledge on solving real-world supply chain problems. Its clients can use the libraries and discover information themselves and engage Celuro when required. This initiative is part of Celuro’s strategy to deliver faster ROI and business success to its growing clientele.