Catalyst Consulting Group: Collaboratively Tackling Business Challenges

Arvin Talwar

Managing Principal & CEO

As the market is overwhelming with new technologies like mobile and cloud computing, organizations are unceasingly evolving and updating their existing frameworks. However, the complexity in operations and difficulty in change management restricts the smooth adoption of modern technologies. In such a scenario, the expertise leveraged by Catalyst Consulting Group is providing the much needed IT consultation for a hassle free transition. "We assist clients in tackling business challenges on various fronts such as cloud computing, business process development or infrastructure services," affirms Arvin Talwar, Managing Principal and CEO, Catalyst Consulting Group. Backed with Arvin's expertise in the consulting arena, the company has successfully bridged this gap for numerous clients through their technology based management consulting services while addressing their shrinking budgets."We understand that most of the clients wish to do'more with less'We dissect pain points of our
clients and identify highest return on
investment and then help them with hard core technical or business process modification, "he adds."Our mission is to guide clients through the path of change and collaboratively achieve business goals.

"With a software agnostic approach, the company focuses on generating tangible Return on Investment(ROI)and identifiable Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)for its clients. In the process, the company identifies the business challenges of clients, assesses their needs, suggests the appropriate solutions with complete details of estimated spend,source and ROI."For identifying the suitable solution, we analyze every step from initial procurement to implementation to overall management of the solution," elucidates Talwar. The company's infrastructure, project management, business process re engineering services helps clients in making the required changes towards achieving their business goals."We understand the issues occurring in change management while installing a new product into the system so we work with clients to get the required solution installed, tested, and secured,"he adds.

On another level, Catalyst Consulting works with numerous software companies to integrate their software within their client's business environment. "As an integrator, we blend the software into our client's daily operations with the required skills and expertise," affirms Talwar. Catalyst Consulting
works collaboratively with clients from start to finish, optimizing project activities, managing risks, and delivering a solution that drives success."We make sure clients get maximum value from the solutions we offer either by developing a custom application or conducting a system integration project.

"Catalyst Consulting has helped a number of clients within public and private sectors with their exemplar IT consulting services."We follow the principle of treating every client as if it is the only one we have," says Talwar. In one instance, a real estate agency required a Full Payment Certification(FPC)solution to ensure all the bills of a property are paid, for a transaction to take place. Previously, the agency staff had to make sure that the bills were paid before the certification. The company helped the agency to build a full payment certificate application supporting all the reviews and checks."90 percent of FPCs are now done online bringing down the human resource cost and a higher ROI," explains Talwar.

Catalyst Consulting plans to focus on predictive analytics that can help them analyze issues beforehand and take preventative measures. Keeping pace with the ongoing trends in the marketplace, the company is also looking at the benefits of IoT as a solution. "We want to explore IoT to support a number of business functions with minimum or no human intervention," asserts Talwar.