CA-One Tech Cloud: AI Platform for Staffing Solutions

Rajul Maheshwari, CEO

Recruiters often receive a plethora of applications from a variety of candidates, and not all of them are exactly relevant to the advertised job profiles. Likewise, highly-qualified candidates are lost in a sea of resumes and in turn, fail to secure a job that provides them the opportunity to explore their true potential. As a result, effective candidate screening is of paramount importance to the hiring process. In today’s business landscape, screening is not simply limited to background checks as quality hiring now also relies on meticulous screening capabilities ranging from educational qualification and employment record verification to technical and business skills testing. While screening continues to evolve and encompass a wider checklist, artificial intelligence (AI) can help recruiters evaluate candidate profiles based on numerous parameters to ensure that the most suitable and eligible individuals are hired. Offering an advanced AI-based platform for precise screening of candidates is California-based CA-One Tech Cloud—an IT services firm providing staffing solutions to both public and private organizations.

Rajul Maheshwari founded CA-One in 2017 after a 17 year-long professional career. With an engineering degree in computer science and an MBA in customer relationship management (CRM), Maheshwari held various positions from that of a software developer to product manager for multiple organizations. During his stint at Cognizant as an account manager, Maheshwari had to deal with several staffing service providers to hire people that were best fit for a project’s demands. Over the years, he identified the missing links in the recruitment process and began working on finding ways to help managers hire ideal candidates for their projects. Eventually, Maheshwari quit his job in 2017 and founded CA-One to develop an AI platform for staffing solutions, which provides better candidate screening and superior talent acquisition.

Although a number of staffing service providers deliver automated screening today, what differentiates CA-One is its approach to clients’ requests.
The company adopts a three step-approach comprising thorough background checks, technical verification, as well as video screening of candidates.CA-One’s AI platform intelligently scrolls through candidates’ social networking profiles—such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and more—for their educational and professional history, technical certifications, contributions to open source, and more. “We also solicit information from candidates pertaining to their interests and job preferences—the kind of job profile they have been constantly working toward,” adds Rajul Maheshwari, CEO of CA-One. By further checking for candidates’ references and connections on LinkedIn, the company attempts to validate the skills sets that they have put forth for securing the job. For remote interviews with potential hires, CA-One’s platform features technical assessment and video screening—beyond telephonic and Skype interviews—to specifically address organizations’ recruitment needs.

CA-One's AI-based platform for staffing solutions not only improves the quality of candidates hired but also tremendously saves recruiters' time, allowing them to focus their resources on post-recruitment processes

Win-win for both Recruiters and Jobseekers

CA-One’s AI-based platform for staffing solutions not only improves the quality of candidates hired but also tremendously saves recruiters’ time, allowing them to focus their resources on post-recruitment processes including onboarding procedures, training, and more. At the same time, the company proves to be a boon for candidates, matching their technical skills with the best fitting job opportunity. “It’s a win-win for both. Our customer-first approach isn’t limited to organizations in need of technical resources for their hiring process; we also consider jobseekers as our customers,” points Maheshwari.

CA-One caters to clients from a broad range of industries including banking and financial services, communications, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, insurance, travel and hospitality, information services, as well as life sciences. One such client required to onboard technically competent people for a project that needed to be completed in six months.
This startup had a small organizational team and hence, could not devote their time and resource toward the hiring process. CA-One assisted the client with screening and shortlisted the most suitable candidates within no time. So precise was the company’s AI platform that all the candidates shortlisted after screening were selected by the client—a 100 percent success rate. By screening hundreds of resumes, performing background checks on eligible candidates, and technically assessing them, all in a short span of time, CA-One ensured that the client’s project was completed before the given deadline.

Content and Diverse Workforce

While scripting such success stories for organizations from different industries, CA-One focuses on the diversification of its own workforce to better understand clients’ needs. Employees who are proficient in various fields along with a healthy, motivated work culture ensure that the AI platform always delivers the desired results faster, thus significantly contributing to the company’s growth. A diverse workforce also helps CA-One successfully serve numerous Fortune companies. “We are dedicated to creating a strong and content workforce by implementing several employee-focused initiatives that have resulted in higher retention and job satisfaction. Happy employees are one of the key reasons for our success,” states Maheshwari. In addition, CA-One is specialized in CRM consulting—Salesforce as well as Microsoft Dynamics—and helps clients transform the way their organization functions as well as how they interact with their customers. The company’s services also include mobile app development, market analysis, SEO consulting, DevOps, UI/UX designing, SAP service, and more.

CA-One’s team constantly endeavors to enhance the AI platform so that all kinds of client requests can be handled instantly and effectively. “We have also been modifying our organizational structure in accordance with the evolving business landscape. Now, we have a team that can handle double the load and at the same time, serve faster,” concludes Maheshwari.