Canny Technology Solutions: One-Stop solution for IT

Kavi Krishnan, CEO

Often businesses house a vast amount of essential data such as employees, customers, operations, inventory, IoT and Social Media. With the abundance of data, it can become very unnerving to deal with or make sense out of those insights. Additionally, the growing number of compliance policies associated with data management has made it a mandate for businesses to adhere to the regulations. While many companies face difficulties in extracting meaningful insights from data accumulated from multiple sources across different repositories, they realize the dire need for reliable data analytics solutions. That's where Canny Technology Solutions from Plano, Texas can help.

Led by veteran entrepreneur, Kavi Krishnan, the CEO of the company, over the years, due to its prowess and consistency in delivering business results to its clients, the company has earned their trust, becoming the go-to Data and Analytics Solution partner. The firm specializes in the sphere of advanced data analytics, providing clients a ubiquitous services for data integration, API management, IoT integration, data virtualization, data quality and business intelligence, enabling their clients to deploy real-time data services in On-Prem and Cloud.
Canny Technology Solutions takes the complete ownership of the delivery for the customers and provides the best-in-class services which built the trust and confidence with their customers.

Other crucial factor for their success is their innovation and quick adaptability to Customer environment. They always look for the opportunities to create the accelerators and the tools specific for their customer needs which help with the productivity and pass the savings to their customers. Some of their products are:

• SnowPole– Helps the customers to move their legacy EDW to Snowflake Cloud in a rapid way. It also has built-in Acquisition models to build Operational Data Store in Snowflake

• Uplyft–An AI version of CRM product for manufacturing industries which can be customized to their business needs and offered in SAAS model. Analytic features the customer buying pattern, automatic pipeline leads generation based on historical data, customer segmentation, basket analytics, auto reminders for the successful conversion of opportunities, insightful dashboards

• CloudMapEngine – An Excel tool to ease out the generation of task flows and mapping configurations by leveraging Informatica Cloud APIs
• DenoStan – An accelerator to standardize Denodo objects and integrate with Github for DevOps model

• InfoExt – An accelerator to parse informatica XMLs and generate the SQLs for the conversions in Snowflake

Canny’s true expertise lies in designing and implementing the data lake and data warehouses, as well as consulting customers on the data strategy and defining digital road maps. Due to their thorough work, some of their Customers have engaged them in the custom web and mobile development and Enterprise Applications support like SalesForce and Yardi. Due to their CAN-DO attitude, they have grown and matured in the other technology segments like Cloud enablement, Low Code Platform tools, Enterprise Applications, etc.

Canny Tech is Head quartered at Plano, TX and has delivery operations from Chennai, India. In the foreseeable future, they have plans to expand its ventures to global extents across Singapore and Australia. Working in tandem with highly skilled development and services associates that have in-depth expertise in applying new technologies, the core team knows how to solve the clients’ needs and deliver a powerful and cost-effective solution that meets the requirements, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence.