Delivering Value with CRM Optimization

Jayant Umrani

Founder & CEO

The key to unlocking the full CRM potential lies in sales automation and providing actionable insights to close sales faster, while creating value with cutting-edge, cloud-enabled tools. Though CRM solutions have the potential for management reporting, it does not make the sales process better for its sellers or help them remove their blind spots, manage relationships, or build right sales culture. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the organizations when it comes to accurate forecasting, understanding deal maturity or opportunity life cycle and understanding customer relation strengths, provides a tailored, systematic approach to CRM optimization to transform the business; making it a system of engagements rather than just a record-keeping system.

Utilizing Salesforce CRM and all its products including ISV ecosystem, Bolt leverages the next generation technologies like Neo4j, machine-learning algorithms, and correlation engines to map the customers’ digital world, provide actionable predictive analytics to sellers, and objective deal maturity index for accurate forecasting. It also provides pipeline quadrant analysis that can highlight the opportunities with the potential to close and highlights the actions needs to do so. Bolt is in the process to build the solutions on MS Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and Oracle.
Moreover, Bolt’s sales process automation framework has an inbuilt predictive analytics engine with five modules—Today Page, Forecasting, Opportunity, Territory Management, and emails integration. The analytics engine helps qualify the leads, rate partner performance, and identify suspect accounts quickly.

Sales is all about relationships – “who knows whom and how well they know them” - Bolt has built ‘Bolt Connections’- a relationship AI engine. “Bolt Connections, is the product that plugs into Salesforce or any other CRMs and creates the customers' organization chart, focusing on right roles to engage, identifies who knows them and strength of their relationships, out-of-box,” says Jayant Umrani, Founder and CEO of Bolt. The product leverages relationships across the social networks and covers all employee relationships of the organization. It helps achieve right account coverage and provides the ability to devise sales strategy based on strength and weakness of customer relationships. Additionally, it connects to enterprise email systems, at the server level, and track all the customer interactions, auto populate email conversations and calendar events as activities and helps understand the customer sentiments. It significantly reduces the data entry time and provides real-time visibility to management on every opportunity.

Moreover, to strengthen the relationship between sellers and buyers, Bolt has built BOTs - the software robots, to guide sellers in making actionable insights to advance the opportunity and real-time feedback on sales. “These BOTs can guide sellers in building and leveraging relationships not just across their network, but entire companies network, delivering actionable insights to advance the opportunity and real-time feedback on sales perforces vis-à-vis their peers,” adds Umrani.

The key to unlocking the full CRM potential lies is in automating sales and creating actionable insights using cutting-edge, cloud-enabled tools

Establishing the sales culture and reducing the cost of selling, Bolt is engaged with many fast-growing mid-size companies. A fine example of the company’s operational success stands out in a way it dealt with the sales struggle of a billion dollar technology company. With the production of more than 20 products, the company had over 1500 sellers worldwide. In the dearth of sales and services, the company was looking for different sales, services, and new product launch processes. Bolt helped the company to revolutionize its business model from hardware-based sales to software based.

Going further, Bolt plans to focus more on BOTs making possible the real-time guidance on all aspects of sales, services, and relationship management. Bolt’s Sales BOTs will not just leverage the past and current opportunity data but understand the sellers, the products, and organization strengths to guide the sellers on the key features of the sales process. In addition to sales, Bolt contemplates building CQI (Customer Quality Index) through its Service BOTs. The Service BOTs aims at the quality of service the organization provides to its clients and the potential opportunities for up-sell or risks of churn. With the objective of influencing sales for sellers and organizations, Bolt intends to develop its Bolt Connections technology to create a Sales Network.