Bitsoft International: The Leading Name in Enterprise Staffing Services and Vendor Management Systems

Rahul Jain, Founder & CEO, Manav Jain, Vice President

Bitsoft International, a seasoned technology solutions and staffing services provider, elevates its service offerings by constantly staying abreast of the latest digital trends—spanning from ERP, Salesforce, to mobile and web technologies and now venturing into AI applications, machine learning, and robotics. The firm’s dedication to continuous learning ensures its clients are served with cutting-edge and reliable services.

Bitsoft International has been a trusted partner for Fortune 1000, and SME businesses since 2003. The firm’s resolve to address client scalability has shaped it into a reliable, and solvent IT consulting, staffing, offshore/ BPO service and vendor management systems provider.

By prioritizing artificial intelligence and robotics, Bitsoft’s founder and CEO Mr. Rahul Jain has also established a company called Humanotics, which explores how machine learning and automation can boost enterprise operations. While Humanotics spearheads these advancements, Bitsoft International diligently oversees all processes and operations.

Bitsoft's commitment to advancing AI leads the firm to regularly examine its operational portfolio. The company seeks to uncover opportunities for digital applications to automate enterprise processes. By leveraging machine learning, it aspires to create more accessible and robust vendor management and staffing tools that address its clients' unique needs.

"We offer a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, with a special focus on IT consulting and staffing. Our true strength lies in understanding our client’s needs and tailoring solutions accordingly," notes Jain.
The company presents a suite of uniquely configurable solutions, including SkillGalaxy, StaffingCorner, and CloseMonitor, which can be adapted to reflect a client's operational structure through advanced automation.

The solutions can be customized to swiftly and accurately mirror a client's office setup, approval processes, and the managerial hierarchy. Its systems are designed to be user-friendly and align with clients’ needs, ensuring seamless and efficient project execution. This efficiency during technology integration translates into significant cost savings as it eliminates the need for a change management process. All platforms are cloud-native, with clients having the option for custom on-premise setups.

The company’s SkillGalaxy application is a free-to-use platform that provides clients with an easy way to engage with various prescreened vendors and tap into a large resource pool. This particularly benefits mid-size companies that lack a VMS or dedicated vendor management staff.

Bitsoft has also crafted StaffingCorner to offer a premier experience. This advanced vendor management platform enables clients to supervise all processes, from staffing requisitions to supplier and candidate payments in efficiently managing their contingent workforce procure-topay cycle.

"StaffingCorner provides a onestop solution for managing vendors, temporary employees selected from 1099 candidates, and permanent staff," Jain adds.

The organization’s services are tailored to the client's size, offering full-time onsite support through its staffing services. In addition, a central support system helps address any recruitment challenges. Its staffing marketplace technology boosts the clients' chances of meeting all their talent acquisition needs.

In the post-COVID hybrid work environment, Bitsoft's CloseMonitor became indispensable for companies monitoring their remote staff. The platform allows managers to track a remote worker's daily progress and implement productivity-boosting measures. HR teams can generate daily performance reports, resulting in quick performance improvements that save time, resources, and money typically lost to delayed employee reviews.
Addressing the increasing demand for IT personnel, Bitsoft offers staffing services that enable clients to access a wealth of candidates skilled in various key technologies and industry verticals. This allows businesses to bolster their project teams with skilled professionals, such as project managers, software developers, system administrators, and testers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitsoft International demonstrated its societal commitment by aiding in the rapid implementation of Salesforce in several U.S. states. The company was instrumental in assisting this large-scale project implementation by providing valuable resources.

We offer a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, with a special focus on IT consulting and staffing. Our true strength lies in understanding our client’s needs and tailoring solutions accordingly

IT personnel at the company have 10 to 25 years of expertise, with an excellent track record of successfully tackling complex digital technology integration projects. They are skilled in a broad range of technological disciplines, including ERP, CRM, cloud computing, machine learning/data science, artificial intelligence, automation, and digital transformation.

Bitsoft encourages its staff to continuously learn and train on incorporating new technology as it emerges.

Based in Aurora, IL, U.S. and Mumbai, India, Bitsoft International is gearing up for further expansion with a new research and development center in India. The firm remains committed to refining its solution portfolio based on evolving staffing trends to deliver efficient VMS and staffing management to clients.