Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates: Fostering Ease of Immigration

Bhavya Chaudhary, Founder & Managing Attorney

The United States population gained immigrants at the slowest pace in a decade last year, owing to the significant changes in its Immigration policy. The number of U.S visas issued to applicants reduced from 617,752 in 2016 to 462,422 in 2019. While the process of global migration, naturalizations, deportation, and removals, were already complex by nature, the new immigration reform has made entering or staying in the United States, a lot more challenging for enterprises and individual applicants.

This scenario calls for expert guidance and adequate legal representation to help people through the immigration process. Offering the much-needed assistance is Bhavya Chaudhary, Founder and Managing Attorney of Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates. With over a decade of experience, Bhavya guides her team to understand how every individual and business has a unique set of problems. Recognizing that there is no cookie-cutter approach to immigration, she adopts a unique strategy to help each client, while offering them complete transparency and visibility into what’s happening.

Helping Clients Navigate the Complex Immigration Landscape

Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates has proven its mettle with its expertise and relentless ef-forts with several hours of research and hard work into making each case a success — be it employment and investment, removal and deportation, defense and criminal immigration, or other family-based cases. “We bring a combined experience of over 200 years to the table to offer quality services and consultation to clients, and serve the entire community at large,” states Bhavya.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on several lives. This stands true in the case of immigrants as well. People with H1b and L-1 visas suffer greatly as several employers terminate them, leave them with no jobs and visa status security, and the President issues a proclamation suspending until December 31, 2020 granting these visas and entry into the U.S. of such visa holders. There is a major impact on E-2, and L-1A visa-holders as employers still need to maintain their employees, payroll, and workflow, despite the current lopsided economy. The COVID-19 situation has resulted in delayed visa approvals due to USCIS delays in biometrics, interviews and adjudication while also disrupting marriage-based immigration filing, as several local courts are closed for people to get their marriage licenses and/or certificates.

I lead by example. Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates lives by the motto of hard work and best results for all clients, which has resulted in our organization to get recognition and allowed us to build trustworthy relations with our clients

To address these issues, Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates are relentlessly offering immigration services and making the process easy for its clients. The Firm provides its services to both individuals and businesses in the U.S and overseas. It offers assistance with USCIS offices, immigration courts, immigration and customs enforcement (ICE), customs and border protection (CBP) department of labor (DOL), federal courts, and other Agencies and Courts.

A common type of case that the Firm handles is L-1 nonimmigrant visas / status. Most over-seas companies invest in the U.S industries and look to transfer an international executive or Manager to expand their business through strategic partnerships. One such instance arose where an executive got denied a second visa extension. Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates stepped into the picture, reevaluated the case and took on a different path to allow the client to continue his work. The company was successful in helping him become a green card holder, which not only made the executive a permanent resident, but also proved profitable for his company.

The Firm continues to help several out of status clients who risk removal, to prevent them from being deported. For instance, for an Indian dance maestro who was on the verge of becoming an illegal alien, Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates came up with an alternative strategy and successfully filed a petition on his behalf under the extraordinary ability category and helped him obtain his green card. The firm further assists with employment-based immigration around H-1B, including health care professionals’ H-1B, E-1 and E-2 treaty trader/ treaty investor, EB-1 multinational manager green card, EB-5 $1 to $1.8 million investment green card, R-1 religious petitions and green cards and others.

The Firm does not shy away from taking USCIS (DHS) to Court when they delay or wrongfully deny cases. Frequently, Bhavya Chaudhary & Associate also handles issues ancillary to people’s immigration status such as, children who came from India with endorsement in their parent’s passports. One such instance was when a student wanted to apply for permanent residency in the U.S. and she did not even have a passport because she came to the U.S as an infant with endorsement in her parent’s passport. She approached Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates; the team evaluated her case and helped her obtain permanent residence.
Not stopping there, the Firm provides assistance, and services in family-based immigration, whether it be marriage-based adjustment status, 245(i) cases, battered spouses and abused children’s matters, human trafficking cases, petitions for spouses, children, parents, and siblings, and even fiancé petition. Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates also offers services in are-as of family and corporate laws and contracts in Tennessee.

A Leadership Driven by Experience

These instances of the varied services offered by Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates stem from the personal experience of Bhavya herself who came to the U.S at the age of 24 and became successful, despite all the shortcomings and hardships along her way. After graduating from Law school in 1995, she envisioned becoming a good lawyer. After several attempts, she finally overcame all hurdles and fulfilled her goal to helping people with their immigration issues. Her story exemplifies her determination and success, her perseverance and commitment to serving the community.

Following the leader’s principle of ‘knowledge shared is knowledge squared,’ the company takes its dedication to a whole new level by traveling to almost all the states in the U.S for cases at USCIS offices, immigration, and other courts. It also appears in courts telephonically and gets admitted pro hac vice, when required, to handle cases such as Writ Petitions of Habeas Corpus and Mandamus, and other federal appeals. Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates handles multitudes of U.S immigration issues, including immigrant visas, waivers, non-immigrant visas, criminal convictions, and several other petitions.

Exemplarity Edge in the Face of Adversities

What truly distinguishes the company from the other players in the legal space is the quality of work it delivers to each client with complete transparency into all the pros and cons of the procedure. “Our aim has always been to present superior quality work product to our clients,” adds Bhavya. The company wades forward in the competition with its team of lawyers and paralegals that put in hard work, sound research, and utilize several research tools to get the best results. Additionally, the company is driven and guided by its leader’s principle of being a good lawyer and serving the community.

Having established itself as a reputed immigration law firm, Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates continues to grow and find newer, more efficient ways of helping its clients. Despite the suspension of most of the immigration processes at present, the company is finding new opportunities and ways of catering to clients facing issues with extended stays, change of addresses, status changes, and removal. “I lead by example. Bhavya Chaudhary and Associates lives by the motto of hard work and best results for all clients, which has resulted in our organization getting a lot of recognition, and allowed us to build trustworthy relations with our clients,” concludes Bhavya.