Bezwada Biomedical: Leading the Way in Absorbable Polymers for Biomedical Applications

Rao Bezwada, CEO and President

In the past couple of decades, the utilization of absorbable polymers has been burgeoning in the biomedical implant and drug delivery industry. These polymers eliminate the need for surgically removing the implants and improve their tensile strength throughout the healing phase of the laceration. Owing to their composition, such implants are degradable by tissues metabolism, resulting in faster and efficient healing. At the forefront of developing such innovative implantable devices that are redefining the status quo of the biomedical industry is Bezwada Biomedical. Under the leadership of Dr. Rao S. Bezwada, a pioneer and accomplished professional in the field with over 142 US patents under his name, the firm develops a wide range of ingenious and proprietary absorbable monomers and polymers that are employed across different biomedical processes and next-generation medical devices, enhancing quality of life.

Bezwada came to the US at the age of 23 after graduating from the University of Madras, India. He went on to earn a doctorate in polymer chemistry from Stevens Institute of Technology in the USA and joined Ethicon Inc, a Johnson & Johnson company. There, he developed several patented technologies, along with the company’s most renowned and lucrative product, MONOCRYL suture, for which he was awarded the Johnson Medal in 1996. This product has represented worldwide sales of more than two (2) billion dollars since its launch in 1993 and current annual sales of over 100 million dollars.
After working at Ethicon for more than 20 years, Dr. Bezwada decided to establish his own innovative and technology-driven research company, Bezwada Biomedical, in 2003. As an inventor and highly intellectual individual, Dr. Bezwada has contributed to the development of several groundbreaking technologies, such as absorbable polymers derived from functionalized amino acids, phenolics, and drugs, ultralimp synthetic absorbable suture, radiation sterilizable absorbable polymers, and more. He also developed an absorbable polyurethane technology platform that Abyrx Inc has exclusively licensed for manufacturing Montage®, an FDA-approved commercial bone hemostat. His company, Bezwada Biomedical, is one of the most sought-after names in the biomedical industry that translates the customers’ requirements into cost-effective and superior quality products for a diverse range of therapeutic and medical device applications.

Our objective is to invent and implement new technologies and partner with companies to develop products that improve the efficacy of the implantable medical devices

Bezwada Biomedical offers technology for developing absorbable polymers and implantable medical devices such as elastomeric foams, films, coatings, sutures, staples, pledgets, and clips for application in tissue engineering, controlled drug delivery, orthopedic fixation devices, adhesion prevention, and tissue sealants. The company also manufactures and supplies Photocurable polymers for 3D printing applications, including organ reconstruction. The company consists of experts from the field of implantable medical devices with a combined experience of over three decades who empower clients to access the firm’s extensive portfolio of absorbable polymers best suited for their use cases.
The organization also offers flexible licensing models for validating and commercializing its polymers for clients’ medical applications, where they can develop novel polymers according to their specifications. Elaborating on his company’s objective, Dr. Bezwada adds, “As far as our technology is concerned, we always focus on breakthrough technologies. My firm evaluates new ways to develop futuristic products that effectively support the biomedical industry.”

Dr. Bezwada has also been deeply passionate about helping communities in any way possible, and a significant initiative in that direction has been the establishment of a non-profit organization called Society for Basic Needs. It was founded to improve the quality of life and economically support the destitute by providing essential facilities and educational opportunities. The organization undertakes several programmes focused on healthcare, livelihood, social safety nets, water, and sanitation. Recalling his involvement in such a campaign in the early 1990s, Dr. Bezwada adds, “I conducted several health camps and campaigned for the development of roads, drinking water supplies, and lavatories in our native village, Jammulapalem, in India. I also provided monetary assistance to over forty povertystricken individuals and provided scholarships to several children.” His desire to help people inspired several individuals in his locality who contributed and supported impoverished communities. As one of the most respected and leading scientists in the US’s absorbable polymer and implantable medical device sector, Dr. Bezwada believes that the roadmap of his organization looks extremely promising.

Bezwada Biomedical is currently partnering with both large and small medical device and pharmaceutical companies to develop more innovative products. The company has received funding from the NSF for the development of a Bioabsorbable Tissue Adhesive in 2020.