Bezwada Biomedical: Absorbable Polymer Trailblazers

Rao S. Bezwada, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

Absorbable medical devices have become an appealing choice for both patients and doctors thanks to their ability to eliminate the need for follow-up visits and additional surgeries.

Bezwada Biomedical is an innovation-driven company with a strong technology and product portfolio, as shown below, representing key enabling absorbable materials that can be used for various biomedical applications including but not limited to drug delivery, wound healing, 3D printing and bioprinting, and tissue engineering. Bezwada Biomedical was established in 2003 by a leading expert on absorbable polymers and medical devices and an entrepreneur of Indian origin, Dr. Rao S. Bezwada, with more than 40 years of research and leadership experience in the medical device industry, including 20 years at Ethicon, a Johnson and Johnson company.

Bezwada Biomedical has state-of-the-art ISO 9001-certified R&D facilities in USA and India. Its team of over twenty qualified and skilled scientists constantly works with customers to translate their demands into high-quality products for a wide range of medical devices and therapeutic applications cost-effectively.
Bezwada continues expanding its manufacturing footprint in the United States with two more sites with state-of-the-art GMP capabilities to manufacture absorbable polymers at a large scale.

In addition to the unique polymers above based on Bezwada’s technology platform, the company also develops and manufactures generic absorbable polymers, specialty photo-curable polymers for 3D bioprinting applications like organ reconstruction, amphiphilic polymers, and copolymers for drug delivery.

We are pioneers in absorbable polymer technology. We now aim to collaborate with tech businesses and share our knowledge on applying absorbable biomaterials in drug delivery, 3D bioprinting, and other medical devices

Owing to these competencies, many companies in the industry use Bezwada Biomedical’s technology. One example is Abyrx Inc., a bio-surgical products company that licensed Bezwada’s absorbable polyurethane technology platform for wound care applications. Abyrx partnered with Bezwada to develop and commercialize Montage, an FDA-approved product for bone hemostats, bone void filler, and cranial bone cement. Similarly, many large 3D bioprinting companies use Bezwada Biomedical’s technology and products to develop breast implants, artificial lungs, and more. Another excellent example of Bezwada Biomedical’s prowess is its $1 million Phase II NSF grant to create a bioabsorbable tissue adhesive using its proprietary absorbable polyurethane technology.
"We are pioneers in absorbable polymer technology. We aim to collaborate with tech businesses and share our knowledge on applying absorbable biomaterials in drug delivery, medical devices, and 3D bioprinting," says Rao S. Bezwada, Ph.D., founder and CEO at Bezwada Biomedical.

Rao Bezwada is a prolific inventor with more than 144 US-issued patents. An example of his commitment to medical innovation is attested to by his research contributions at Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson Company. This led to the launch of many products, including Monocryl, a new ultra-pliable, synthetic, absorbable, mono-filament suture. This product has garnered worldwide sales of over $2 billion since its launch in 1993. In recognition of his esteemed scientific contributions and innovation, Johnson & Johnson Inc. presented Dr. Bezwada with the prestigious Johnson Medal.

In addition to his passion for science and technical accomplishments, Bezwada also possesses a deep commitment to his community and has established a nonprofit organization named the Society for Basic Needs in India, It provides fundamental amenities and educational opportunities and seeks to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Leveraging his deep experience and expertise as a leading scientist in medical device technology, Dr. Bezwada aims to help medtech and drug delivery companies in India and the U.S. develop more innovative products. The company currently seeks funding from venture capitalists to expand its technology and empower the development of high-quality products with wideranging medical devices and therapeutic applications.