BBI Law Group: Boutique Immigration Services with a Personal Touch

Bhanu B. Ilindra, Founder

Immigrating to the U.S. has always been challenging. For the thousands of immigrants swarming to the shore every day in pursuit of the American Dream, which has always promised a prosperous life, the constantly changing immigration policies at every step are what keep them from realizing the dream. Especially in light of a rapidly evolving geopolitical climate that has led to the Department of Homeland Security being more stringent with the immigration laws, the American Dream is looking far-flung for countless immigrants and business organizations trying to retain or hire a talented immigrant workforce. However, with BBI Law Group by their side, they can rest reassured that the dream is far from over. As one of the leading business immigration law firms, BBI Law Group takes pride in courteously and professionally solving the global business immigration needs of individuals as well as companies.

BBI Law Group has been one of the most sought-after immigration law firms in the Washington D.C. area due to its ability to partner with clients closely and adopt a dedicated and caring business approach.
This distinctive factor sets BBI Law Group apart from its peers. Unlike clients in ties with prominent law firms who often experience communication gaps and lack of response from the attorney, BBI Law Group ensures they are always approachable. “The client should be able to reach us any time. Be it attending calls at off-hours, responding to phone texts, or jumping into a quick chat on Google Teams, we are always available to them in whichever way we can,” states Ilindra. Their genuine customer-friendly attitude, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of a small firm and the technical resources of a large firm, has enabled the BBI Law Group to provide prompt services to its clients and make significant contributions to the immigrant community.

Regardless of long-term, complex cases, or simple immigration processes, our attorneys have expertise to handle all aspects of inbound and outbound U.S. Immigration cases

To be at the leading edge of business immigration services, the attorneys at BBI Law Group have been updating their knowledge to keep pace with constantly changing immigration laws. “Regardless of long-term, complex cases, or simple immigration processes, our attorneys have expertise to handle all aspects of inbound and outbound U.S. Immigration cases,” says Ilindra.
Graduating in Master of Laws (LL.M) from the University of Iowa, Ilindra has extensively practiced law in New York and is also an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

He has in-depth know-how on business immigration processes and internal processes of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Dept. of Labor, State Workforce Agencies, and various U.S consulates across the world. With Ilindra at the helm of BBI Law Group, countless companies have benefitted from the company’s services in filing all kinds of H1B visa applications in a timely manner. “In other instances, where lots of applicants lose the validity of their visas, we help them reinstate their status without endless hassles,” adds Ilindra.

Steering ahead into the near future, BBI Law Group is ready to broaden the scope of its practices and grow strategically. With headquarters in Virginia, the company is planning to gain a footprint across Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina to expand its market presence. Ilindra draws attention to how various industries are upgrading their technological infrastructure in the wake of Covid-19, which will surely spur the demand for high skilled workers across the globe. “This calls for a rise in immigration services, an arena where BBI Law Group is going to make a huge difference and help thousands of immigrants realize the Great American dream,” he concludes.