Banyan Cloud: Forging Tough Security Walls for Business Cloud and Data

Nagesh Konduru, Founder & CEO

According to Gartner’s research, 95 percent of data workloads will be hosted in the cloud by 2025. These data workloads have to be secured against malicious threat actors and aligned with data regulations, while facilitating seamless accessibility to authorized users.

Banyan Cloud helps businesses achieve this with its robust, code-to-cloud IT security through data-first, zero-trust policy and a solid commitment to safety and accountability. The simplified end-toend application life cycle security services include cloud security posture management (CSPM), data security, shift left, and cloud identity management. It simplifies cybersecurity governance by enforcing industry-proven security configuration standards, enabling businesses to automate data security and compliance.

“Ours is the most innovative platform designed to simplify cybersecurity governance by standard-based security configurations. We envision a world where IT systems and services collaborate to effectively protect digital assets,” says Nagesh Konduru, founder and CEO of Banyan Cloud.

Banyan Cloud’s core strength lies in its deep understanding of imbued security. Instead of implementing security features as addons for the sake of compliance, it follows a code-to-cloud approach to make security an integral part of the cloud infrastructure.
Designed for enterprises facing hybrid- and multi-cloud security challenges, Banyan Cloud’s continuous authorization method with cloud security delivers a unified zero-trust approach for clients. A distributed architecture and machine learning framework ensures the security of any user, device, application, API, or network model.

An active cloud security posture management (CSPM) allows Banyan Cloud’s clients to scan and resolve configuration issues using the best practices and compliance standards. Real-time security monitoring with end-to-end analysis of actions helps stop intentional and accidental vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. It examines all relevant cloud actions and events, whether audit logs, activities on the cloud, or geo-location of attacks. Clients get unified visibility across multi-cloud environments, eliminating the need for checking multiple consoles.

A standout feature of Banyan Cloud’s code-to-cloud security is it can be applied to various data storages from Oracle Database, MySQL, PGSQL, Microsoft SQL, and more. Concurrently, Banyan Cloud caters to 25 regulations in real-time for organizations tostore customer data subject to restrictions like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI/DSS that place strict requirements on information security.

Banyan Cloud’s client engagement begins with understanding their business requirements in the respective business domain. If a client has global business locations, Banyan customizes its CSPM to the country’s local regulations. Leveraging its expertise, Banyan Cloud implements security measures and takes care of every facet of their cloud security, allowing them to focus more on their business.
The capabilities of Banyan Cloud were highlighted during a recent engagement when two clients from different domains approached it for help. One was from a medical digital platform and needed end-to-end cybersecurity for their patients’ diagnostics data, and the other was a global ecommerce platform that wanted security with regional regulatory compliance. Banyan Cloud, with its customer-centric approach, studied each client’s needs in their domains and built a security wall around their infrastructure. Their critical databases secured, the clients could shift their attention to business objectives and enhance productivity.

Ours is the most innovative platform designed to simplify cybersecurity governance and security. We envision a world where IT systems and services collaborate securely to protect digital assets

Konduru’s extensive expertise and technology background back Banyan Cloud. The IT veteran from Silicon Valley worked at Apple for 22 years. His experience managing the technology platform that powered Apple’s hyper-growth critical application translates into a knowledge trove for Banyan Cloud to base its capabilities on and become a crucial part of the industry’s evolution.

Driven to arm organizations against threat actors, Banyan Cloud is poised to take cybersecurity to the next level with its range of ever-evolving portfolios.