Azur: Enabling Companies Transition from Being a Player to Game Changer

Ranghan Venkataraman, Founder and CEO

Trends keep changing. IT leaders across Retail, Manufacturing, HiTech and Telecom industries want to go beyond improving efficiencies and staying competitive to disrupt their marketplace through technology adoption. A single idea or technology will no longer be the key to achieve their goal; they need a partner who can help deal with their big problems in their transition phase towards becoming a market disruptor. Azur, a Chicago, IL based company can be that partner of choice whose goal is to work on the hard and challenging problems faced by its clients by empowering them to 'Change the Game' instead of merely focusing on the status quo 'Play the Game' and 'Stay in the Game' strategies.

It was a trend not long before where most of the companies focused on leveraging SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) to transform from "brick and mortar" to "digital". Azur enables forward-thinking companies take the next logical step to start using emerging technology to reimaging all business processes for a digital era. "The digital era not only makes big bets possible but is the force that is driving innovation and new opportunities by bringing every object, consumer and activity into the core business realm," remarks Ranghan Venkatraman, founder and CEO. At the same time, leading usinesses are making similar changes within their enterprises by digitizing every employee, process, product, and service. Azur is passionate about enabling a new digital business model that shifts the focus from selling things to
selling results by leveraging the embedded software intelligence into every aspect of its business to drive new levels of operational efficiency, evolution, and innovation. "Azur wants to ensure they take their clients from "good to great" and those high performers that want to position themselves at the center of the emerging digital ecosystems," says Ranghan.

The company is well positioned to be that partner of choice helping clients take a fresh look at their digital strategies from the dual lens of business and technology. Azur works with its clients to re-imagine data by moving them from simple analysis and reporting into the world of HADOOP (for Big Data) to offer highly flexible and drill down reporting and analysis of their vast amounts of data. The company is also passionate about applying Big Data to help its clients thrive in the omni-channel world by making sure their consumers have a refreshing and unified experience. "Regardless of the channel the companies take to communicate and disseminate data, we ensure that their information is completely safe and appropriate for their business," affirms Ranghan. "We help our clients move from having mere insights into their datasets towards actionable insights and ultimately point of action insights," he adds.

With the staggering growth of IoT, enterprises are looking for opportunities and platforms to improve their supply chain, inventory turnaround times, personalized services and seamless customer experience. Azur complements this need of companies by aiding them to harness the benefits of inexpensive computing power, energy-efficient technology and wireless transmission protocols to create a reliable network.

Furthermore, Azur's Business Process Optimization services aid process discovery and scoping, process modeling and design, business rules engine creation, simulation and create process workflows and workflow optimization. These tasks not only
capacitate businesses to adapt to a dynamic environment and also allow enterprise-wide free flow of information. Additionally, the Enterprise Change Management service acknowledges the 'human side' of a company whenever, it undergoes a major technology orinfrastructure change, using a three step approach; Prepare for change, Manage change and Reinforce change. Azur's Enterprise Change Management, Enterprise and Customer Data Management, and Governance service helps companies design and deploy data management solutions, data security, cleansing, retrieval and monitoring "Our services also allow high-end, end-to-end SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Sales Force implementation and also transitions end user to latest solutions platform to withstand market competition," says Ranghan.

Azur is built on a premise where the people apart from bringing in expertise and knowledge of working in IT departments of large corporations and outsourcing services providers, are also self driven and passionate. The acumen and talent of its laudable staff helps the company provide a balanced view point to customers when it comes to handling and executing business and IT decisions. "Being passionately curious, our workforce and the urge to find appropriate solutions for the customers to make informed business decisions are the core aspects that truly defines us," Ranghan adds. "We are driving with our clients to take them beyond the Total Cost of Ownership into the Total value of relationship. Our partnership begins when the contract has been signed. Our quest is to secure an A+ rating and be and the gold standard of our industry," says Ranghan. In the past the company has never settled for mediocrity and has only set high standards in the market by assisting customers to break the compromises they have gotten used to and steering businesses towards success and profitability. "We love to work with our clients and jointly paint and create a vision for their future," he concludes.