Axiom Consultants: Customer Focused. Mission Driven

Bhavana Rakesh, Founder and CEO

To accelerate their mission with actionable insights, organizations must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of their business. Axiom Consultants (“Axiom”) thrives in developing purposeful solutions that are customer-focused and mission-driven,modernizing and accelerating innovation for their Federal Customers.

A woman and minority-owned company, Axiom takes center stage with best-in-class, data-driven solutions. Axiom enables its clients to improve their IT modernization capabilities by rendering top-of-the-line consultancy services to adopt emerging technologies, Cloud, cybersecurity, business transformation, and other solutions.

Working collaboratively, Axiom develops customer-focused prototypes of technology solutions at their Innovation Center to prove risk mitigation and gain the necessary trust before the solution is installed on-site. “We demonstrate success stories with our prototypes and proof of concept to ensure robust solutions and capabilities,” says Bhavana Rakesh, Founder and CEO of Axiom.
With more than 20 years of U.S. federal government contracting experience, Bhavana has been anchoring Axiom since 2016. Initially starting her career at Sun Microsystems, she worked as a contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). A staunch believer in NOAA’s mission, Bhavana worked in roles within multiple program offices at the scientific agency, which helped her understand the strength of blending science and technology in the service of protecting life and property.

Five years ago, Bhavana launched Axiom as a trusted NOAA partner with a hand-picked team of experts in science, program management, and leading-edge technology. Building on a strong reputation as a best-in-class service provider at NOAA, they have been able to diversify their portfolio at other agencies including the Department of Commerce, Navy, and Health and Human Services. Through her leadership, Bhavana has led Axiom to be a trusted and well-known entity in the federal government contracting space. “Some of the key strengths I bring in my leadership style are strategic planning, business development, and the ability to deliver strong financial results,” states Bhavana.

Despite the challenging times of the global pandemic, her leadership has helped grow Axiom by over 300 percent and the company has been successful in attracting and retaining some of the best talent in the industry. They have strived in building a strong culture of “employees-first”.
As a corporate culture, Axiom appreciates kindness and empathy, embraces flexibility, encourages effective transparent communication, and remains engaged with their teams. They believe that the best work performance comes through sound mental health and well-being and have set up health breaks for their team during the workday. These healthbreaks, called “Renew-Refresh-Recharge” encourage mindfulness that not only benefits the customers but also helps employees maintain a good work-life balance. Axiom also hosts several events throughout the year to stay engaged with their employees and promote an inclusive and fun environment. Team Axiom not only checks off the boxes for leading technology and proven talent, but they have been successful in building a workforce that is proud to be part of the “Axiom Family.”

As an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), Axiom Consultants strongly believes in giving back to the community. “The entrepreneurial journey is a chaotic one. It’s easy to get caught up in our own tasks, goals, development and problems. Despite that, it is important to prioritize the practice of paying it forward where we work and live,” says Bhavana. She believes that helping people without expecting anything in return is important to making the business world a better place. She concluded, “Paying it forward" creates a virtuous cycle of cooperation, stronger partnerships, and increased clout in the communities we live and work in.”