A&W Engineering Works: Your Trusted Partner for Medical Device Development

Ashish Parikh, CEO

Apart from being globally-recognized companies, if there is a common thread that links Apple, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, and Google, it is the fact that these organizations started from a garage. The renowned firms that they are today began with little-to-no investment and small physical space, but sheer hard work, passion, and unwavering dedication led them to huge success.

Ashish Parikh and his partner, William Wu, laid the cornerstone for their venture, A&W Engineering Works (A&W), in 2016 from Parikh’s garage. A team of seasoned cross-disciplinary engineers with product development and manufacturing experience in medical devices had an intuitive vision to create a company that brings novel ideation on new medical devices to life, with a focus on developing the entire hardware/ software core of the system. Highlighting this core idea behind A&W, Parikh—CEO of the firm—says, “We aim to tackle hard-to-solve medical problems by bringing unique, innovative development techniques for fast prototyping in order to deliver a quick proof of concept.”
The firm’s expertise in system engineering, algorithm development, and clinical user applications— adhering to strict compliance and quality controls and rapid prototyping techniques—help transform their clients’ ideas to reality.

“Tech enthusiasts come out of academia with great ideas, but often lack the ability to turn their theoretical knowledge into practical and innovative products,” mentions Parikh. Despite spending years on researching and developing complex DSP algorithms, they often need assistance in converting them into a working proof of concept. In such a scenario, having a partner like A&W can make all the difference. “We are experts at taking design concepts and complex algorithms and transforming them into fully-tested and optimized software and hardware that is then turned into viable medical devices that improve and save lives” adds Parikh.

To that end, A&W has developed an unique algorithm development environment, or ADE™, which allows their developers to take in a customer’s algorithm often described in MATLAB, and convert it faithfully to other coding languages (such as Python, C/C++, and HDL), which are amenable to realization in the product. Testing of all these different representations of the customer’s algorithm is fully automated allowing verification that the hardware implementation output of the ADE is correct.
Furthermore, as the customer modifies their algorithm during development, changes can be easily implemented and tested. DSP and algorithms are only part of the type of systems A&W designs. Their expertise lies in developing the entire core of the medical device including all hardware (both analog and digital) and all software (both embedded and application) along the data path from the patient to the clinician user.

To date, A&W carved a niche for itself in the medical device development landscape. Parikh believes that the success of his company also lies in the dedication of its employees. Today, with less than 50 workers, A&W is growing steadily by hiring the best talent to increase its in-house expertise. “We are also one of the few medical devices design service companies of our size to have an overseas team,” informs Parikh, adding that “our teams are tightly integrated using all the latest collaboration tools and methodologies”. Further, the company encourages employees to think like a systems engineer to gain multi-disciplinary expertise.

“We are laser-focused on improving our development capabilities by concentrating on process while encouraging creativity in problem solving,” affirms Parikh. With this zealous attitude, A&W is committed to continuously deliver high-quality designs and products to their customers, helping them launch innovative medical systems in the market.