Avendus: A Business Catalyst Powering Entrepreneurship in Mid-Market Technology Sector

Puneet Shivam, President, US, and Co-head, Enterprise Technology & Services

Building a successful business in the technology services sector can be quite challenging, especially considering the highly competitive, global and fast changing nature of the industry where finding reliable capital or strategic partners is a critical yet complex endeavor. To address this critical need, Avendus—an investment banking specialist and a global leader in financial services through its Enterprise Technology and Services (ET&S) practice- provides impactful capital solutions to mid-market technology service companies. The ET&S practice plays a crucial role in delivering unique fund raising and M&A outcomes to clients by connecting them to a global network of funds and strategic acquirers. “We pride ourselves as partners for growth by providing technology entrepreneurs global access to optimal capital and right strategic partners,” says Puneet Shivam, President, of Avendus US and global Co-head of ET&S banking.

As Shivam emphasizes, it is easy to understand why Avendus precisely fits the role of a business catalyst for technology services organizations. To set the context, consider the increasingly pervasive digital revolution of the next generation leaders—Uber owns no cars, Airbnb owns no properties.
The role of IT has morphed from being an enabler to being the core business itself, from largely isolated legacy systems to being a cloud-based, data driven, connected ecosystem. This has pushed enterprises to their technology toes, aspiring to transform their IT DNA by adding digital capabilities, always available cloud-based services, impactful analytics, intelligent automation, and seamless omni-channel interactions. In this rapidly transforming environment, Avendus delivers a portfolio of capital solutions that enable midmarket established and fast-growing technology companies to accelerate their growth trajectories through access to innovative global capital and strategic partners.

We pride ourselves as partners for growth by providing technology entrepreneurs global access to optimal capital and right strategic partners

Avendus provides these solutions by drawing upon its i)deep global network of over 500 capital and strategic partners, ii) deep domain expertise in technology services and iii) intense focus on mid-market companies between $30-500MM to deliver unique outcomes for clients. The company’s arsenal of financial advisory services, along with their expertise in mergers and acquisitions, are specifically designed to drive results across the full transaction lifecycle spanning strategic option selection, right positioning, process design, access to Avendus’ global network and precise execution, all of which are tailored to drive valuation, certainty and speed of the transaction. This is driven by over 50 experienced technology bankers across the globe.
This expertise has been perfected and demonstrated through 125+ closed transactions representing over $7Bn enterprise value for the technology and outsourcing sectors across the globe including the US, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Australia and Canada. These transactions cover a wide spectrum of technology companies such as a leading digital e-commerce company with a score of Webbies to its name, one of the world’s top analytics services companies, a global software design and development firm, a digital transformation leader, a top global multi-services provider, a leading hospitality technology provider, to name a few.

Over time Avendus itself has evolved from a team of three visionary entrepreneurs to over 400 strong financial professionals globally, providing not only investment banking expertise but also wealth management, hedge funds, long only funds, credit solutions and private equity*. In the journey it has picked up a number of awards and recognitions. Practicing what it preaches, Avendus itself raised funding from the leading PE fund KKR in 2016. Avendusis committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and believes that these are the best way to create sustainable economic and social value.

Today as Avendus celebrates its 20th year anniversary, it remains firmly committed to bring together ideas, innovation and people to help high-performing entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Pls note not all services are offered in each jurisdiction pls contact Avendus to understand what services are offer in each jurisdiction. This is not a solicitation.