Aurum Data Solutions Inc.: Strategically Accelerating Digitization

Hari Reddy, Principal

Do businesses have the expertise to implement advanced and complex systems? Are they prepared to effectively go through legacy modernization? These are some of the pressing questions that Aurum Data Solutions Inc. (ADSI) answers comprehensively.

Headquartered in California, ADSI is an IT services and solutions company that offers organizations worldwide access to a spectrum of strategic assets, business applications, and technological solutions crucial for their digital transformation journey. With over 50 years of combined experience in IT services, its skilled workforce provides the ideal blend of skill and commitment to help businesses accelerate their adoption of modern technologies, untangle complex issues that emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation costeffectively.

"More than providing a service, our team of professionals helps create value for our clients," says Hari Reddy, CEO of Aurum Data Solutions Inc. "We believe our employees are our biggest assets, so we invest in their well-being and career development, resulting in loyal teams."
ADSI was founded by venerated industry experts to assist organizations swiftly and successfully in navigating the technological intricacies of their digital transition and address productivity bottlenecks. The company focuses on identifying potential growth areas for its clients' businesses and leverages its deep domain knowledge and technology expertise to provide leading-edge, tailored solutions for their legacy modernization journeys.

With a global presence and a workforce of over 400 members, ADSI's boasts a variety of specializations, which helps understand and support various functions within a company. ADSI's specializations include cloud services across different service providers, enterprise e-commerce solutions, CRM solutions involving Microsoft dynamics, big data technologies, data science and ML solutions, dev ops services and full stack development. The company is also expanding its services landscape to meet business needs and demands.

Digitalization is not just about adopting new software, technologies, and more efficient and automated procedures in contrast to traditional business practices. It entails taking an innovative approach to completing tasks that are both crucial to a company's objectives and consistent with its fundamental ideals. In accordance with this, ADSI ensures that the founding principles of its clients' businesses are always at the center of their digital evolution and helps them maintain their unique personalities throughout the process.
Before collaborating, ADSI comprehends the corporate DNA of each client thoroughly. This allows it to seamlessly merge with its existing IT teams and effectively execute projects.

ADSI's seasoned professionals have served customers who use legacy systems and those on the cutting edge. This has empowered the company to be in a unique position where it can handle both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. In addition to offering transformative technological resources, ADSI provides architectural solutions and partners with its clients on their strategic initiatives.

More than providing a service, our team of professionals helps create value for our clients

Aurum's solutions assist its clients through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT environment. Its services' flexible pricing options with unique expertise suit businesses of all sizes ranging from sole proprietorships and startups to public companies, multinational corporations, and governments. Be it billing, execution, or quality, ADSI's transparent work ethic across all aspects has been instrumental in gaining its customers' trust and becoming their partners for life. This has propelled the company to affirm its presence internationally across countries like Canada, the U.S., Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, UK, and India.