Augmentalis: WorkView - Putting Magic Into Technology

Aman Jhawar, Co-Founder and Manoj Jhawar, Co-Founder & CEO

Talismans are legendary objects full of mystical power that bring magic into our physical world. In modern times, technology has brought us Talismans in the form of phones, tablets, and computers allowing merger of digital experiences into real-world environments utilizing Augmented Reality (AR).

AR in its current, nascent stage, has drawbacks; cost being the first with hardware, limited operating systems, and having to maintain an IT team to develop and modify content for field users. Second, the need for custom tailored software, on existing hardware to meet the ever changing operational needs of users. Constant coding and reworking requires time and money.

Enter Manoj & Aman Jhawar. A father and son team, co-founders of Augmentalis, who after having invested in wearable manufacturers quickly realized that the potential of these magical devices was not being met by the traditional software methods they teamed with software professionals to invent a solution.

Augmentalis’ goal is to provide a single, simple solution to augment the magic of mobile and wearable devices with easy content delivery. WorkView, their game changing application makes it the only application, that as Jan Franken, Director of IT for the Canadian Co- Op Refinery Complex states : “Augmentalis’ WorkView provides the only app that Connects your Data to those who need it, when they need it, how they need it…without having to have an IT department dedicated to the user.” “We see it as the centerpiece of our Connected Worker strategy,” he adds.

The focal point of WorkView is to deliver content to a field user of a headset or a mobile device in the same way as in a desktop without requiring complex onboarding, training or IT staff

Augmentalis’ innovation is the ability to use multiple applications in windows on mobile devices enabling end users to have personalized desktop-like experiences. Augmentalis engineered a method to window applications, and multi-task using only voice commands, on operating systems not designed for multi-tasking. Workview circumvents the need for a software designer to create custom mobile applications, or to voice enable existing ones, which in turn increases efficiency, saves cost and when applied to field or maintenance use, enhances worker safety.

Augmentalis enables collaboration through Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, Outlook, Gmail, and more. The interface hosts multiple live windows that can be moved and resized as per the users’ preference—in Tile View, Picture in Picture, MultiView, and Fullscreen modes along with custom head-motion cursor control and voice commands interaction with data and visual experiences are effortless and handsfree. Additional functionalities include camera, video, remote mentors like, Skype, Webex, Zoom or third-party apps. Live data analysis WorkFlow, Document viewing and access to web apps like Wonderware, Siemens XHQ, and 3D Cadvia voice are available “out of the box”. All features are brought into the devices without requiring additional programming and no changes to the user interface. What you see on your desktop is what you see on your mobile AR device without the need of a interpretation server, all data and content is delivered directly from the enterprise’s infrastructure to the mobile device.
The focal point of WorkView is to deliver content to a field user of a headset or mobile device in the same way as in a desktop, eliminating the need to interact with IT departments. A key differentiating factor that sets Augmentalis apart from its competitors is the fact that clients can use their existing “best in class” software solutions to link with their AR hardware without having to buy new mobile software. Previously, enterprises had to shell out exorbitant amounts of money to use exclusive software in their headsets. With WorkView, there is no need for companies to get an IT expert to use their existing software or data in order to utilize mobile AR devices. By providing the ability to integrate the existing IT infrastructure into the headsets, WorkView allows enterprises to save time and money and increase worker safety. By not requiring external servers, the enterprises data is kept secure within its own security net.

With years of experience in corporate management, field and service work, the co-founders created Augmentalis to bring usability to mobile and wearable devices and to create a solution to eliminate usability and cost problems limiting use of these “talismans”, with the intent of being simple, easy to use, yet powerful enough to mirror productivity one would get when working on a desktop; to ease the cognitive load on users via Polymorphic commands—smart commands; using intuitive commands, users can focus on their task at hand increasing productivity and safety.

In the coming year, Augmentalis aims to increase the capabilities of their solution by creating additional add-on applications to enable workflow, access Virtual Reality, do field inspection and more. Augmentalis plans to continue to bring solutions that require minimal time – usually less than five minutes to onboard a user and solution. Soon, it will be the era of efficient and productive wearable devices replacing traditional desktops. Augmentalis will be leading the charge.