Ashtopus Consulting: Get Me Experts: Technology Driven Platform to bring Global Expertise under One Roof

As the waves of change envelop the Global Expertise Market, consulting methods and techniques continue to advance. It is important to have new methodologies to enhance the search for Experts and their Expertise.Companies struggle to find out the best skilled professionals for a specific project or mission as the search process is complicated. Though finding experts through various platforms including the social media is common, filtering experts among experts is still challenging. There is lack of a common platform, where the experts have enough opportunity to showcase themselves and the clients have the opportunity to search as per their needs. With over two decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in corporate HR, Ajay Sharma, CEO of Ashtopus Consulting,is driving his company in overcoming these challenges through their key solution "Get Me Experts"(GME).
The GME Platform helps enterprises find the very best independent professional support for their projects. GME enables stakeholders to search for suitable experts as per role, expertise, applicant ratings, reviews, and fee demands. Enterprises can also opt to submit the specific requirements and the solution will suggest suitable experts. It provides the tool for decision making to the clients assisting them, get connected to the experts through chats, calls or mails. Further, the platform promotes candidates' profile through robust search engine optimization approach to proliferate their web presence. The platform is capable of connecting expert's blogs with the profiles and bio data.

Ashtopus have developed specific algorithm based on Knowledge driven data Analytics to identify and source skilled professionals, even not registered with any social media platforms. Apart from supporting the Experts, the firm's solution also engages web based analytics for demand generation, a process to understand companies, which are in need of experts to assist them, find the right talents. Further,through "Demand forecasting plan" based on vigorous market research and predictive analytics, the firm creates a model to predict future requirements to about three years down the line, hence help Experts develop requisite skills to cope up with future demands. "We collect information through text analytics
creating a machine level learning for developing predictive implications," adds the CEO.

The firm's ability in resolving complex customer issues through simple consulting processes has helped many organizations achieve their business goals. At one instance, a company producing bio gas by utilizing solid wastes, collected large amounts of biomass, which was then converted, into manure as a by product to be sold in the markets.

However, the customer had no technological means to measure or improve the nutrient value and its contents in the manure. This adversely affected their business. Seeking advice from an expert, GME suggested process-improvising methods and connected the client to the right source in Sweden for implementing best practices and solutions helping them improve their over all business and profit gains.

Ashtopus is investing continually toward developing an internal market research team to strengthen its back-end operations to enhance the expert's demand and supply processes. As a new initiative to offering technological solutions, the firm is launching its "sense and connect" technology to enhance cab passenger's safety. Further, the company plans to expand geographically with new offices in South-East Asia, Africa, and Latin America.