ASAR America, Inc.: An SAP Gold Partner for a new Customer Experience

Sanjjeev K Singh, Managing Partner

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become vital in almost every organization to maintain healthy external interactions that drive success. Since its inception eighteen years ago, CRM has undergone constant changes and innovations to align with market realities. A thriving business will require a CRM platform to have a clear vision of strategies and business objectives for the future. SAP emerged as a provider of back-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, but it has since expanded to provide new front-end solutions to augment their Customer Experience (CX). While SAP sells CX solutions to large enterprises directly, it works with trusted partners to implement their products in the mid-market space. As a gold-certified SAP partner that co-pilots projects with organizations to implement new CX solutions, ASAR America works together with clients as advisors and consultants in enhancing the customer engagement experience. Led by CX leader and SAP Press author Sanjjeev K Singh, ASAR is one of the most reputable SAP Gold-certified partners in North America that centers its belief on delivering unique business value for customers.

The ASAR Approach

A common issue seen in businesses is that multiple teams in an organization may reach out to the same consumer without taking the consumer’s history with the other groups into consideration.

In the mid-market space, ASAR is the most reputed SAP Certified Gold Partner that provides end to end solution for enabling new customer experience for companies in various industries

Even though they intend to enhance customer interactions and experience, it inadvertently leads to confusion and is detrimental to the overall customer engagement. ASAR provides CX solutions that give visibility into what can be collectively done by the teams to take advantage of the existing customer relationship. By leveraging the best-of-breed SAP CX solutions, ASAR helps businesses in improving their foot traffic, online revenue, and market reach.

ASAR believes in operating an Outside-In approach with their clients. The ideology that the keys to success for an organization lie in optimizing CX and customer value creation provides credibility to ASAR’s motto of keeping the customer at the heart of a business. They start by working on the key process indicators (KPI) and then move down into improving fluidity at the process level. The IT software structure and cloud solutions are then looked into to get an idea of where modifications can be implemented to provide the most benefits. ASAR helps clients handle complex business processes and market strategies by using SAP solutions as the building blocks of the whole CX solution.
This helps ASAR understand what goals the customer is working towards, and helps them craft a better process to attain that goal.

ASAR's Prowess

Following the acquisition of Hybris, Gigya, and CallidusCloud, SAP introduced its new front-end processes product, SAP C/4HANA—a CRM portfolio comprising SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Service C l o u d , SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud. ASAR America is an SAP Gold Certified partner for the implementation of the whole suite of SAP C/4HANA solutions. They help clients from setting up and configuring this system to giving advice for KPI improvement, building sales pipelines, automating online customer experience, and reducing average handle time on services. This ultimately fosters a healthy, personalized relationship with their customers.

ASAR America has a decade-spanning history of being a helping hand for clients to set up and develop CX solutions. In the mid-market space, ASAR is one of the most trusted and reputed value-added resellers of SAP solutions delivering creative customer experience solutions across sales, marketing, commerce, and services. ASAR Managing Partner Sanjjeev K Singh is also SAP Press Author. His books titled SAP Hybris, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP C/4HANA are top seller books on SAP. In 2020, ASAR aims to expand more into the S4/HANA space— an intelligent AI-based ERP system—and also provide solutions that streamline the workflow from the front-end CX solutions to the back-end ERP solutions.