Aryaka: Building a Single WAN for the Whole Enterprise

Private networks such as MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) have, until recently, been the sole resource for WAN connectivity for its ability to link interconnected data centers and branches for any-to-any connectivity and Carrier WAN routing. But taking into account how network traffic is evolving and how branches and offices are spreading out around the globe, MPLS fall short, failing to offer on-demand bandwidth, while also falling victim to issues such as packet loss and latency. Moreover, deploying private links such as MPLS takes months and incurs even more costs. Aryaka, a Milpitas, CA based-company addresses these issues through cloud based WAN technologies that connect enterprises to distributed workforces across branches, irrespective of their global locations, giving users instant access to mission critical applications in a seamless and cost effective manner. Aryaka offers WAN Optimization as-a-service through a model that is built in the cloud and for the cloud, thus eliminating the need of capacitating a box-type legacy model.

Aryaka's Cloud based WAN as-a-
Service integrates the benefits of WAN optimization, application delivery and cloud access, and delivers a reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity into a single intelligent optimized network. Through the 25 globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs), Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service enables the end user to connect to the closest POP, resulting in closer and faster access to networks. "The story of Aryaka has really been 'One Network for the Enterprise'. Enterprise locations and remote users can securely connect to Aryaka's network to achieve end-to-end connectivity and visibility", says Ajit Gupta, Founder and CEO, Aryaka.

The real difference between an Aryaka POP and the traditional data center is that the data center, in addition to being more expensive, works only for point-to-point data and application delivery. Whereas Aryaka POPs are connected via a private cloud-based network with built-in optimization not only ensures great connections, but also provides integrated Quality of Service. To get an idea of the real difference between point-to-point networks and POPs from an accessibility perspective, Aryaka POPs ensure less than 30 millisecond latency for more than 90 percent of enterprise users worldwide.

One of the companies that has taken full advantage of Aryaka's new model of enterprise-class networking is JAS Forwarding Worldwide, a leading logistics provider. JAS had to review its operations in order to improve performance and build efficiencies. With 45 subsidiaries in more than 80 countries and with more than
3800 employees, the complexity of JAS' IT operation was huge. The major challenge for JAS was that it had a fragmented IT structure and multiple suppliers to deal with. Adding to the problem, many of JAS' subsidiaries were located in areas with limited access to internet such as South Africa. JAS was using a cloud-based solution called CargoWise for ERP, but it didn't work well for many users due to packet loss, latency and other issues that arise when apps are delivered over long distances. By implementing Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service, JAS was soon able to recover from their performance issues and gain consistent accessibility across all their locations. "With Aryaka, not only were we able to improve the application performance significantly, but the fully managed service was a huge sell for us as well," said Mark Baker, CIO of JAS Forwarding Worldwide.

Aryaka has an extremely horizontal solution that finds significant traction in the manufacturing, energy, healthcare, software, business services, architecture, design and publication, and financial services verticals. Some of the firm's customers include Skullcandy, Aruba Networks, Websense, Tableau, Oxford Economics, Henny Penny, Align Technology, NTT Data, and ThoughtWorks. "Aryaka is the firm that disrupted the WAN space and is now serving an illustrious roster of clients; however, Aryaka hasn't lost sight of its roots and also continues to stay true to its initial focus of serving the mid-market sector. Its solution is built to serve businesses of all sizes, and we intend to keep it that way", concludes Ajit.