Ardira: Empowering Businesses with Innovative Solutions in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Rajesh Unadkat, Founder

Ardira is an independent software vendor (ISV) and a trusted Salesforce partner. It is revolutionizing the Salesforce AppExchange landscape by crafting bespoke 100 percent native Salesforce apps meticulously tailored to boost productivity, automate intricate business processes, and elevate the overall user experience on the Salesforce platform. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Ardira prides itself on delivering superior solutions that empower businesses to accomplish their objectives in the Salesforce ecosystem. This has allowed Ardira to attract hundreds of customers within a few years, who benefit from its innovation. These customers have expressed their satisfaction by making Ardira solutions like SurveyVista one of the most highly-rated applications on the Salesforce AppExchange with almost perfect rating.

Ardira stands out in the market by keeping a close eye on the latest developments within the Salesforce platform, and continually searching for innovations that can be applied to its custom apps. Ardira also actively listens to client feedback and uses it to guide its roadmap. Rather than assuming what features and functionalities clients want, it collaboratively works with them to identify their needs and incorporate them into its products. Integrating AI and machine learning into its apps further helps in sentiment analysis, to get an accurate and deep insight into client perceptions of its products and services. This client-centric approach enables Ardira to deliver solutions that truly meet the needs of their customers to drive success.

A testament to this approach can be seen in two of its solutions which are helping Salesforce users solve challenges in collecting and managing data and in integrating with Salesforce Clouds and third-party systems.
Ardira’s SurveyVista and RelationshipVista apps provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to address these challenges natively within Salesforce.

Collecting a variety of data can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but it is crucial for making informed decisions that drive business success. With Ardira’s SurveyVista, you can streamline the data collection process and gain valuable insights into your customers, employees, and partners. SurveyVista has been implemented by customers for variety of use cases that necessitated an efficient survey and questionnaire tool, such as customer feedback management (CSAT, NPS, CES, VoC), employee satisfaction surveys, and compliance management (ESG and third-party risk assessment for example). Hundred-percent native Salesforce solution, SurveyVista provides built-in integration that enables users to analyse and report on collected data alongside customers' other data already stored in their Salesforce environment, without incurring additional expenses. SurveyVista Quiz features provide a wide range of benefits for businesses, including improved customer engagement, sales enablement, brand awareness measurement, and employee training. SurveyVista Data Review & Correction Workflow features allow stakeholders to easily review and comment on collected data, while also facilitating dialogue between survey responders and reviewers. This feature is useful for a variety of checklist and assessment use cases such as Health and Safety checklists and Third Party Risk Assessments.

Ardira’s RelationshipVista revolutionizes the way you approach sales. With RelationshipVista, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your Salesforce hierarchical records and uncover deeper insights. You can visualize your interconnected data like never before with a bird's eye view (e.g., view of all related opportunities, contacts, and stakeholders), and empower your decision-making with complete and comprehensive information.
Ardira is committed to Salesforce’s philosophy of point-and-click configurability, enabling its clients to easily configure its apps for various data collection use cases through a simple, user-friendly interface without the need for any custom coding. This approach streamlines the process, enabling customers to quickly adapt Ardira’s apps to their specific needs.

100% native Salesforce solution, SurveyVista provides built-in integration that enables users to analyse and report on collected data alongside customers' other data already stored in their Salesforce environment, without incurring additional expenses

Rajesh Unadkat, founder of Ardira, explains how SurveyVista was able to benefit a client in financial services, resulting in significantly improved customer retention by gaining valuable insights into their customer experience. With efficient feedback collection, using multiple touchpoints and channels to track performance against industry standards, the client increased revenue and profitability.

Complementing these impressive success stories is Ardira’s simplified pricing structure. It offers non-metered data collection pricing and a freemium offering, which allows potential clients to try its apps for free and explore its features and functionalities without any financial commitment. This gives them the opportunity to fully understand the value of Ardira’s app and make an informed decision when considering a purchase.

Ardira’s agile approach to embracing new technologies and business processes, coupled with its commitment to customer feedback, truly distinguishes it in the Salesforce ecosystem. Today, it stands as a growth catalyst for organizations, driven by a strong work ethic and a go-getter attitude.