Appstle: Simplifying E-commerce with Smart and Compelling Apps

Hemant Purswani, Co-founder & CTO , Rakshithaa (Ria) Mahesh, Co-founder & CEO

Appstle, an innovative SaaS platform with unique and smart applications, enables merchants to provide the best e-commerce experience to their customers. The company combines the power of disruptive business strategies and extremely user-friendly UI solutions to simplify the journey of e-commerce merchants.

In a recent interview with the Silicon India team, Rakshithaa (Ria) Mahesh, CEO and Co-founder and Hemant Purswani, CTO and Co-founder of Appstle, discuss the challenges e-commerce merchants face and their endeavor to solve them through smart products.

Obstacles Merchants Face While Creating E-commerce Presence

Hemant: Although the popularity of e-commerce is not new, COVID-19 enhanced its scope and dynamism, making it the perfect opportunity for businesses to boom. However, e-commerce merchants and entrepreneurs are struggling to transform visitors to their websites into loyal customers as the competition grows at breakneck speed.

As most merchants are not tech-savvy, they struggle to deal with thehigh-end technicality and the expensive cost that goes behind creating a strong online presence. For many merchants starting an e-commerce business is still far from being “easy and cheap.”, and we aim to simplify that journey in a cost-effective manner.

Appstle, a Gamechanger, Upping the Bar of E-commerce Business

Rakshithaa: As a passionate business strategist, I love problem-solving and helping businesses reach their full potential and advance the world. Its human element is what drew me to this industry. The ever-changing consumer behavior makes it difficult for merchants to turn occasional visitors into loyal customers.I, along with Purswani, resolved to find the best solutions to solve all the strategic pain points faced by merchants.
Purswani finds this landscape very fascinating as it is in its relative nascency, providing ample opportunities to develop new solutions. He has experience creating successful e-commerce products, including the Back in Stock and Pre-Order apps on the Shopify ecosystem.

We created Appstle with our combined interest and expertise in this field to provide accessible and affordable solutions and empower merchants to compete with the giants for a successful e-commerce journey. Our motto is to empower e-commerce merchants of all sizes to retain customer loyalty and recurring revenue and increase their share of customers’ wallets.

The Value-Proposition of Appstle Products

Rakshithaa: While the e-commerce industry is always evolving, we narrowed it down to the biggest trends that have affected businesses and will trend in the future. We noticed that subscription e-commerce is growing exponentially, helping businesses retain customers by giving them the flexibility they desire. To this end, we created our flagship product, the Appstle Subscriptions app, to strategize and manage subscription plans and boost conversions and sales. Ever since its launch in April 2021, it has consistently been a leading subscription and recuring order application on Shopify. Our comprehensive Shopify Subscriptions App is the only five-star app in the subscriptions category to garner more than 1700 positive reviews. We have recently created another product, the Appstle Memberships and Loyalty app. This smart and easy-to-integrate app can assist merchants in creating customized membership plans, providing membership benefits, and having automated billing. We are the perfect partner for merchants to seamlessly run their back-end operations. Our cost-effective solutions ensure seamless integration with other apps and safe migration.

Our team of highly proficient programmers and engineers provides round-the-clock support to assist clients in operating our solutions. They leave no stone unturned in solving any technical glitch or providing quick and accurate response to any queries from our clients.
Differentiating Features That Set Appstle Apart

Hemant: Appstle takes pride in its lean and focused business model that meets the demand of merchants at a compelling and competitive pricing. Our key differentiating features are flexible and easy customization, constant and dedicated customer support, and a flat-fee model.
Our platform is first-of-its-kind, as we have introduced many new and innovative features in this field. For instance, the Appstle Memberships app is the first ever app to provide holistic and ultimate solution for all membership-related needs. Merchants can create customised membership plans, provide membership perks like discounts, free shipping, exclusive product access and enjoy automated billing with this single solution and avoid the extra expense for multiple applications. Another striking factor about us is we tailor products according to customer needs. Appstle Subscriptions offers conventional subscriptions and Build-A-Box, where customers can set their preferences and subscribe to receive a curated product. We also extend support to clients through Chat and Zoom to solve all their queries.

Our motto is to empower e-commerce merchants of all sizes to retain customer loyalty and recurring revenue and increase their share of customers’ wallets

We do not charge any transaction fees on recurring orders from customers, further distinguishing Appstle.

Appstle’s Proven Expertise Delivered to Clients

Hemant: Appstle has become a trusted partner for merchants worldwide. In a customer success scenario, we worked with a client who approached us for robust integration of various functionalities, from managing bills to skipping orders that go behind the subscription of their products. Applying our tool, we designed their APIs and integrated them with their systems so seamlessly and securely that currently, it makes them a monthly revenue of three million dollars.

Another interesting story is how we came up with the idea of adding a Build-A-Box feature to the Subscription Plan. One of our clients was catering to meal-kit services where customers demanded to set their food preferences. It was a unique concept showcasing how far the subscription model could go. Working on it further, we extended this functionality to other clients, which has proven very successful in knowing the pulse of their customers.