Ana-Data: A Pedestal for Application Development

Lal Vaghji, CEO

The journey of a product—through ideation, materialization, utilization, and upgradation— sheds light on the vision of an individual or an organization. The trail behind ANA-DATA’s Clear Platform elucidates a similar ideology of a visionary, who designed an application development framework with his team while building a reporting software for one of his clients. Lal Vaghji, the CEO of ANA-DATA, has traversed a long way in the application development landscape, specializing in various genres such as business intelligence, data analytics, cloud application development, machine learning, Blockchain, information security, and compliance, since the inception of his company in the year 1993.

Today, ANA-DATA’s Clear Platform serves as the foundation on which organizations and industry peers can develop solutions that address numerous business objectives. The platform delivers a modular and flexible framework for developers, assuring a rapid application development that is both flexible and easily extensible. By employing an agile approach to the building of applications, ANA-DATA abides by the philosophy of getting users involved from the onset to ensure that as the application is being developed meets their objectives above all. “The Clear Platform enables us to design solutions without extensively documenting user requirements. We understand that our clients prefer to touch and feel the application to ensure that the end product is aligned with their organizational objectives,” states Vaghji.
The Clear Platform encompasses both out-of-the-box applications and custom-built modules, regardless of various operational prerequisites. A client of ANA-DATA—a global institutional fixed income investment management firm—required one such custom-built application that eliminates the burden of managing multiple third-party applications for different business requirements. Partnering with ANA-DATA and realizing the competencies of its development team, the client extended their agreement with the company for the development, maintenance and modification of the application. “We have been engaging with this client for the past 12+ years now, and they have minimized the third-party software licenses saving them over a million dollars per annum,” adds Vaghji. Owing to ANA-DATA’s expertise in addressing the need of the hour, the client now manages over $30 Billion in assets, without the need for an expansion of their IT resources. Reminiscing on the collaboration, Vaghji states that the approach taken by ANA-DATA is more of a process than a methodology, driven by his team of experts who form the pillars of the organization.

ANA-DATA has also devised a business intelligence module—Clear Analytics—that facilitates direct access to organizational data sets through a self-service model. The module centralizes the governance of data, which in turn, streamlines operations pertaining to the exchange of information among employees of an organization. It is designed to ‘transform an Excel user into a power analyst’ by amplifying the analytical capabilities of the existing toolsets within an organization. These solution sets are bolstered by the company’s association with Microsoft, which enables ANA-DATA to understand multiple business use cases and customize its portfolio accordingly.

The Clear Platform encompasses both out-of-the-box applications and custom-built modules, regardless of various business prerequisites

In today’s business scenario, the biggest challenge Ana-Data faces is keeping the product framework intact; on doing research to enhance its product range; while supporting its commercial clients with the necessary qualified and talented project team members. Clients keep reaching out to Ana-Data requesting to dedicate a few of our team members for their product enhancements only. Even though it’s good for Ana-Data’s business, it impacts its on-going product development, keeping Ana- Data always on edge to keep identifying the top talent available in the industry, that too who are keen to work on large scale commercial products, not just client projects.

ANA-DATA is recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner. This alliance allows the company to evaluate, test, and implement newer tools developed by Microsoft, prior to their official releases. A partnership such as this has nurtured technological advancements in areas such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. “We are keen on adopting promising technologies, particularly around data analytics, in order to assist financial organizations in leveraging the potential of newer trends and solutions in the marketplace,” states Vaghji. “We aspire to exploit these opportunities by hiring some of the best talents in the world and venture into newer territories in the technological world,” he concludes.