Amadis Technologies: CloudCADI - the Go-to Solution for Cloud FinOps

Every enterprise today sees cloud adoption as an integral part of their digital shift. In addition to migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud, organizations can address their ever-evolving business priorities through adoption of Infrastructure, Software & Platform components through “As-A-Service” model, thereby reducing upfront costs and benefit from Pay- As-You-Go pricing.

Adopting public cloud as an integral part of enterprise strategy significantly improved the go-to-market abilities of business units. For example, the ease of consumption and the availability of varied cloud components created a scenario where many organizations consumed “much more” OR “under-utilized” cloud components leading to wastage and eventual cost over-runs. A survey by Flexara rated Cloud Cost Overrun and the need for Cost Optimization (Cloud Fin Ops) as one of the Top 2 issues for Enterprises [ranked next to Security]

We must always keep an eye on cloud costs, focusing on utilization, performance and optimization. Having a well thought-out, engineered, and automated cloud consumption methodology is essential to successful transformation.

Amadis Technologies, a Microsoft Azure partner and a cloud-native specialist firm provides all-in-one integrated cloud consumption models, alongside proven digital transformation methodologies and frameworks to help clients accelerate the adoption of cloud data platforms and applications.

It is our goal to help clients from the conceptualization to cloud deployment, with a focus on providing, proven Cloud Fin Ops solutions

“If executed properly, cloud transformation can ensure a faster go-to-market and better Return on Investment. It is our goal to help clients at every step of the way, from conceptualization to cloud deployment, with a focus on providing much needed, proven Fin Ops solutions,” says Madhu Kumar, Founder and CEO of Amadis.

To help organizations optimize, engineer, and automate cloud consumption, Amadis Technologies launched CloudCADI (Connect, Automate, Decide, and Innovate) product and services—a Microsoft IP co-sell Ready program. With a full suite of native scripts that learn your cloud assets, CloudCADI helps automate operations and make smarter decisions pertaining to cost and performance. Through CloudCADI, one can better understand the existing environment and receive options for allocating their spend. Spend Right.

“CloudCADI comes under the category of FinOps products, meaning it helps to optimize cloud consumptions from the perspectives of both IT and finance teams,” says Kumar
What differentiates CloudCADI from other expensive tools is its unique design of (1) utilizing Non-Intrusive and Cloud Native models, (2) externalizing business rules and (3) presenting informationthrough a single pane of glass that is easily accessible to different teams. Going the extra mile, the company enables clients’ Engineering, Finance & Operations teams to customize the recommendation engine according to their enterprise policies &requirements. Much like a “caddie” in golf who gives insightful advice and step-bystep guidance, Cloud CADI offers actionable insight into clients’ cloud resources to ensure optimal adoption and maximum value. This robust offering has garnered the company a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 clients. Encouraged by the market acceptance of CloudCADI, Amadis Technologies is diversifying and strengthening its service offering for multiple types of workloads —but with a focus on MS Azure—to better serve their clients.

“As a startup, we believe in innovation to solve real life industry issues. That’s why we are focused on the cloud FinOps space, providing bottom line impacts and achieve sustainable business value. Our vision is guided by a simple principle of making each of our clients ‘The Best Cloud Consuming’ enterprise,” Kumar concludes.