Altimetrik: Catalyzing Digital Transformation

Raj B. Vattikutti, CEO

According to Raj Vattikuti, the founder and CEO of Altimetrik, it’s an interesting time to be in the business world. “The business and technology leaders that I am interacting with want to speed up their digital transformation and innovation initiatives as there is a concern of losing ground to competition, if they don’t transform fast enough,” he informs. Vattikuti’s statement is substantiated by industry reports, which shows that by the end of 2019, spending on digital transformation will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide—growth of 42 percent from 2017.

While companies are gearing up for embracing digital transformation, cultural inertia, gap in the digital talent, obscure product engineering, DevOps, and automation practices, lack of data insights is pegging them down. Built on advanced technologies and backed by strong client relationships, Altimetrik is one of the fastest growing technology companies with a unique culture of combining people, creativity, and technology to ignite digital transformation. “The majority of companies are more focused on a project driven mindset, but what we bring in is from a story elaboration all the way to engineering and launching it,” states Vattikuti. For Altimetrik, that’s the kind of mindset and rigor that they bring to the table.

Altimetrik partners with clients in the creative exercise of innovation, designing and engineering reliable digital products that create amazing customer experiences

The company calls their underlying methodology Playground. Through Playground methodology, Altimetrik shows customers how to assemble the right talent, and how business and technology as unified teams is simplifying the business model, and instilling an engineering ethos that emphasizes rapid prototyping, reusability, and speed to market.

According to Vattikuti, “Altimetrik partners with clients in the creative exercise of innovation, designing and engineering reliable digital products that create amazing customer experiences.”

The process that Altimetrik follows initiate with talent. By using Playground methodology, the company assesses talent not just for technical capabilities but also for behavioral attributes that demonstrate a digital culture. Assessible in both physical and virtual forms, the mechanism includes whether the human resource has the mindset of contributing to the tech community, reusable components rather than starting everything from scratch and helping each other as a team. Once the talent is on boarded, Altimetrik ensures that they are continuously engaged and their skills are upgraded.
The other aspect that Altimetrik looks at is pathways, through which they maintain consistency and a product-engineering rigor. “We seek talent who look for being refreshed on a daily basis, from a knowledge perspective. This is why we have created the playground environment, for them to learn, and also experiment,” mentions Vattikuti.

Having a huge presence in the financial service, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, Altimetrik places a strong emphasis on people, pathways, and platform. “Clients want us to come in to help them not only from a technology and business perspective but a people perspective,” says Vattikuti. Altimetrik infused full-stack scrum teams to transform a major US automobile company’s approach from a project delivery to a product engineering setting.

He states, “Driven by a passion for game-changing results and modernization of the industry, Vattikuti formed Altimetrik in 2012 with a vision to create a global company that can catalyze digital transformation by bringing a holistic approach and enabling a new emergent culture in organizations, a vision that we are poised toward. Moving ahead, the company aims to partner with various organizations in their journey of transformation as a catalyst. “We will be helping organizations evolve to a truly digital culture and cultivate pathways and platforms for the organizations that can match with the speed, freedom, and intelligence of the next generation,” concludes Vattikuti.