Altierre Corporation: Revolutionizing IoT with Scalable Wireless Network

With the rapid advancement in technology, Internet of Things (IoT) has become a phenomenon with organizations across industry verticals. The connectivity and automation of multitudes of devices deployed across different areas of urban environments and factories via IoT has enabled cost savings as well as generation of new revenue streams. A recent study predicted that around 26 billion IoT units will be installed by 2020. Sunit Saxena, Chairman, CEO and President, and Anurag Goel, CTO, founders of Altierre Corporation, foresaw the potential of a dense network of internet connected devices and started the company when the world had not yet conceived the benefits of such a wireless network. With its ultra low power wireless network capable of connecting billions of objects, Altierre Corporation, today is the leading provider in the emerging Internet of Things space.Altierre Corporation provides a wireless platform, chips, and software solutions to effectively connect billions of objects and machines to improve efficiency globally, which GE estimates to be $49 Trillion over the next ???years,says Saxena.

Altierre has released its IoT wireless system-on-chip IRIS that not only manages the entire network but also has simple interfaces.Organizations can now easily leverage the IRIS platform to enable many devices, such as sensors and display tagsunder Altierre's network,adds Saxena. IRIS packs a two-way radio
frequency (RF) communication block, digital control block, onboard sensors, A/D converter, an intelligent onboard controller and a variety of interfaces to external sensors and display controllers.Altierre has already built IRIS into various products the company offers.The network architecture developed by the company is cost-effective with only few accesspoints needed to connect millionsof devices in a single large building even with lots of wireless data traffic. Such offering helps customers meet the most complex wireless challenges such as infrastructure cost, power consumption and scalability. Altierre also makes Energy-efficient display chips that enable five years of battery life on pixel-based LCD displays that complement Altierre's ePaper offerings at a lower price, adds Saxena.

Altierre bundles its IRIS technology to provide a complete end-to-end wireless display solution for Retail with a wide range of label sizes for displaying promotions, store management data and highlighting the pricing policy. Apart from the aforementioned solutions, Altierre also provides sensor based applications Temperature Sensors and Out of Stock (OOS) Sensing units are currently available. The temperature sensors can be used to measure the temperature ofperishable goods.These sensors are not just confined to stores, they can also be used to record temperature history information

Sunit Saxena

CEO, President & Chairman

from warehouse to stores while the consignment is under transit, says Saxena. Additionally, Out of Stock (OOS) Sensing units help detect the presence or absence of an object on the shelf.These will send timely alerts to the customer in case the items are sold out preventing billions in lost sales due to out of stock items,adds Saxena.Owing to their vast applicability and functionality, the solutions provided by Altierre are sought by many verticals such as manufacturing, transportation, automotive, health care, defense,and a variety of retail sectors across U.S. and Europe. Altierre Corporation is gearing to embrace new opportunities to expand its growth prospects. Moving forward, the organization is looking to broaden and diversify its network in the IoT ecosystem.Altierre Corporation plans to continue to extend its reach to other industry verticals building strong partnerships and continue to build a strong IoT ecosystem,concluded Saxena.