Allied Digital Services: A Reverberating name in Infrastructure Management

Imagine a city that is completely safe. Imagine a city where the authorities can be aware of every public-endangering event that can possibly take place within its boundaries. Allied Digital Services, an all round infrastructure related services and solutions provider, has undertaken such a project for Pune city that will enable its governing authorities to act upon any unwanted riots or terrorist attacks before the situation aggravates beyond control. The company is developing a first-of-its-kind security and surveillance service for the protection of the denizens of Pune as a "Smart City" project. It is playing the role of a Master Systems Integrator for customers that require a command and control center solution to view across their multi-disciplinary systems in the enterprise.

Turning Handles in the Enterprise
With the sharp growth in the role of IT for every enterprise, infrastructure management of essential operation components such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts have become very essential for the growth of these companies. Understanding this need, Allied Digital Service entered the market in 1995 to solve this dearth in the industry.The veteran service provider serves in over 150 locations throughout the country. Comprehensive IT infrastructure support for large and medium enterprises as a fully managed service model including proactive monitoring is the forte of this service provider. Its cloud-based Infrastructure-
as-a-Service (IaaS) has the potential to change the way IT hardware is purchased, designed and used by providing a lower cost, OpEx based, scalable, customizable, secure and reliable service based alternative that meets the ever changing demands of business and technology environments today. "Our innovative product ADiTaaS provides an integrated service delivery framework to orchestrate the entire IT operations of an organization. It has an install base of over 100 customers globally currently." says Paresh Shah, CEO, Allied Digital Services. "We are modernizing the IT infrastructure of many customers to help them transform their business" Allied Digital's Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS) practice brings utility computing closer to reality. With infinite scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, the primary benefit that its managed and cloud IaaS services delivers to both large enterprises and small &
medium sized businesses include one-stop fully managed services for enterprise infrastructure, on-demand scaling and de-scaling, subscription based pricing, and rapid on-boarding.The company also prides on its global presence. "Last year we launched an Anti-Theft service in Los Angeles," says Shah. The Anti-Theft Technology, powered by Intel, provides hardware assisted protection for lost or stolen laptops and data. Intel AT has the intelligence to detect the theft condition and trigger the laptop lock remotely. ADS created a cloud based infrastructure to provide the anti-theft service to the customers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Creating a Global Network for Partnered Growth
The Infrastructure management services company has developed a powerful network of alliances with market leaders and emerging players to deliver cutting-edge solutions for its clients. It has strategic partnership with Intel, Lenovo and Landesk software. The company is also solution partners to Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, HP and Vmware. This host of alliances allows the company to have a global reach and also increases its service capabilities. The global company currently has an employee count of 2000 with an impressive turnover of Rs.350 crores. Allied Digital Services has marked growth since its incorporation in 1995. The company has received many accolades and become a reverberating name in the domain of IT Infrastructure management.