Ahluwalia Law Offices, P.C. (ALO): Your Partner for Employment and Family based Immigration

Pallavi Ahluwalia Esq., Managing Attorney and Owner

With Pallavi Ahluwalia as the Managing Attorney and Owner of Ahluwalia Law Offices P.C.(ALO), it is really a no brainer as to why this leading boutique law firm has been at the top of providing a complete suite of services to businesses, individuals, and families. As an active practitioner of Immigration Law, Pallavi is a participant in the immigration debates nationally as well as in the DFW community. Over the years, has been interviewed by TV stations and a host of radio stations and shows across the nation, where she helped the media and people understand the current hotly debated issues of immigration. But when asked what really separates her firm, she answers modestly, “Communication, readiness to answer questions for our clients and give information.”

She further adds, “At ALO, we have never touted to be the cheapest law firm—we pride ourselves as the quality firm and are best known for our quality and excellence.” And truly, ALO seeks to be up with the latest issues, law, and memorandum impacting its adjudications. For example, H1B petitions filed by many attorneys, who work with H1B generically, but ALO finds it important to have accounted and incorporated all the “current issues” which the USCIS is targeting before submitting any case. ALO practices in the alphabet soup of the employment-based immigration categories.

At ALO, we have never touted to be the cheapest law firm—we pride ourselves as the quality firm and are best known for our communication, quality and excellence

The firm has provided a path to entrepreneurs, who are investors and want to start up new companies by successful filings of entrepreneurial H1Bs.

Built to provide volume representation for its clients’ H1Bs and L1s with the added difference of analyzing, advising, and guiding companies, ALO operates in a boutique style. The firm aims to be exceptional, and its team recognizes that they aren’t just processors of cases and mere filers (legal assistants can do those). To this end, the team at ALO recognizes and argues the cases proactively to avoid the dreaded requests for evidence. Pallavi states, “It is the effort of our team to find any flags in clients’ volume cases, provide alternates and then present it with exhibits and law that shows off the quality we remain proud of.”

ALO’s strength has been taking on brand new companies or those who hadn’t hired immigrants previously, helping them set up the organizations with sufficient supervision for the H1B employees. The firm’s ability to understand trends, maintain high quality, and, lastly but most importantly, communicate and provide information and guidance for the client’s success creates its differentiation. “Our communication skills are showcased in our radio shows- providing a voice to immigrants’ questions, taking a lead by appearing and speaking at international forums regarding global issues impacting immigrants and communicating important stories through our web blogs.
We move seamlessly in our representation with the trends in mind,” says Pallavi, who is also recognized as a top attorney with the Texas Minority Counsel and has been the recipient of the Melvin Jones Award for Humanitarian Service.

With the Biden administration, ALO is expecting changes that will impact many undocumented people in the country and also the DACA young adults. “We are eager to understand the nuances of the upcoming changes and address the need of a majority of the Hispanic markets. I speak Spanish – and will be polishing my language skills which had rusted the last 4 years. A Spanish url- www.abogadapalavi.com should be getting live soon and provide translations in Spanish of our existing site of www.ahluwalialaw.com,” informs Pallavi. The firm will also be moving first to another major metroplex in Texas and then other cities. “We wish to represent the communities with compassion, quality and to the best of our abilities,” mentions Pallavi.

She goes on to mention that the past 19 years have gone by fast and have been a kaleidoscope of experiences—mostly great and communities that they represent are like their old extended friends and family. “They move on but we feel their kindness through their connection with us. We feel the same way about our team. Each individual here gives their best and strives to contribute to the quality and the diligence that we are proud of. And to them—our clients and our team—I remain, grateful and humbled,” concludes Pallavi.