Aeron Systems: Smart solutions for Autonomous and Interconnected Things

“There is no doubt that we are witnessing IoT revolution after the historic advent of Internet that we saw in mid-90s. The increasing internet speed and its falling cost have catalyzed the interconnection in things,” says Ashvani Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO, Aeron Systems. Market research by CISCO, Gartner and many others have forecasted that value creation due to IoT by 2020 will be in trillions of dollars, which is unprecedented in any technology. As the demand of IoT is increasing, various standards have been put in motion to govern the dynamics of interconnection of things. “With standards like Thread for networking and MQTT, COAP for messaging, and open OS platforms such as mbed, Android, I think that the challenges in large scale adoption of IoT can be addressed,” adds Shukla. A key issue for organizations is to deal with vertically integrated IoT platforms, which gives rise to the task of system management at different levels. Based in Pune, India, Aeron
Systems is developing scalable, industry-ready IoT hardware platform to address this issue.Aeron focuses on development of technology, applying its expertise in embedded electronics to domains encompassing aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and agriculture. The entire spectrum of IoT products offered by Aeron are GSM/GPRS enabled. As these products are mostly installed in remote locations and in harsh conditions, they are extremely rugged, environment-proof, and consume very less power. “Running on small solar panel, the devices host features such as Remote Software Upgrade, Alert SMSs, and FTP, HTTP data upload, which make their standing commendable in the IoT industry,” notes Abhijeet Bokil, Co-Founder and CTO, Aeron.

Aeron, as an embedded-hardware centric company, has found space in modular systems that can be assembled as per clients’ requirements. “It has enabled us to achieve scales and avoid obsolescence,” points out Bokil. “The idea is to build ecosystem for application developers and solution providers around scalable IoT hardware platform.”

Aeron’s first major project came in 2012 for ‘GPRS-enabled Data Gateway’ for automatic weather stations. After few iterations and field trips taken by the company’s team, Aeron was able to successfully subjugate the hovering predicaments of the
project—need for very low power consumption, performing reliable operation in erratic network conditions,and solutions that can withstand tough outdoor environment. “Today, we have our data gateways, loggers and automatic weather stations installed in more than 20 countries for weather monitoring and prediction, solar power plant monitoring and agriculture advisory applications,” says Shukla.

The wind beneath the wings of Aeron’s innovative solutions is put in motion by its Aeron Lab which is a state-of-art electronics assembly, calibration and testing facility.“The Aeron Lab is already in demand from third party fee-based users. In a way this is supporting small players in other hardware segments,” notes Bokil. The company has also been in the news as they are among the 13 finalist in the innovation challenge called “Spark and Rise”, where the challenge is to build a connected driverless car.

“Our ambition is to make Aeron into a global, full spectrum, multi-platform, multi-protocol embedded hardware provider serving the IoT application sector which is growing at an explosive pace,” says Shukla. The ease of building web and mobile applications will upsurge the demand of hardware platform. With their innovative and scalable hardware solution, Aeron intends to play a major role in IoT landscape.