Acnovate: Quintessential PLM Solutions For The Industry

Acnovate—an established PLM solution provider started its journey as a service provider and has evolved into a solution provider in no time, pioneering cutting-edge solutions that are cost-effective and proficient at the same time. Today, the company serves Fortune 100 companies across various domains and competes with key players in the PLM space—both on software and service side. Competing with the the large players in the PLM space—Acnovate has reinforced its position in the market by developing and proffering innovative solutions.

“While the companies want to try out new technologies such as IOT, big data, and AI, they also need to be prepared to leverage them,” says Ravi Metrani, CEO, Acnovate. Powered by innovative, high-value, cost-effective global solutions, Acnovate helps its clients to leverage and extract value from the newest technologies. With decades of experience in serving customers from manufacturing and retail space, Acnovate assists its customers to analyze and access the data that surface in their organizations. “This will empower them by proffering efficient decisions and help them attain a competitive edge in the market,” adds Metrani.

The company proffers reliable and valuable PLM solutions that touch every aspect of the business from CRM to ERP and helps its customers to integrate into the system in real-time. “This is our core focus in the business, and the solutions we tailor is also from that perceptive,” states Metrani.

Quintessential Solutions for the Industry

Today, the company has built a top-notch analytics platform for retail apparel fashion industry, which simplifies the way data are reported and analyzed by companies.

Acnovate proffers reliable and valuable PLM solutions that touch every aspect of the business from CRM to ERP and helps its customers to integrate into the system in real-time

As customers in retail industry strive hard to obtain a custom report for their simple data, Acnovate has simplified this process by creating a new framework that can be used as a common user interface for reporting and analytics of the PLM data. By deploying Acnovate’s proficient platform in their organization, customers no longer need to customize their software or invest money in upgrading the software or integration. “We have not seen any other competitor who offers the solution with the complete UI, front-end for the retail-apparel fashion industry,” delineates Metrani.

The company has also built a platform for the engineering industry. Since engineering industry confronts issues associated with the extraction of PLM data, Acnovate has armed its clients with a tool, which helps them to pull the data out and convert it into useful information. “These are again being used by the Fortune 100 companies,” remarks Metrani.

As a renowned organization in the U.S., the company has also brought forth a mobile platform for PLM industry, which is available on Windows, iOS, and android. This not only helps Acnovate to compete with the key players in the industry but also enables to head the other mobile technology solution providers in the PLM domain.
The efficacy of Acnovate has been recognized by companies around the world and has also helped them to showcase their pioneered solutions in Dream Force—an annual conference that brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of IT professionals.

The firm's "employee first" philosophy has helped them to pioneer and proffer best-of-breed solutions such as Quick Mobile, Quick Reports, and Quick Port—for customers in the engineering and Retail and fashion industry.

Local Touch; Global Reach

Since regulatory compliance is becoming more and more rigid in the modern era, customers are not in a position to address the regulatory requirements on time. To help customers obtain business success without being disrupted by regulatory issues, Acnovate arms its clients with unique compliance solutions. With centers in Spain and India, the company can deliver solutions with a local touch and global reach. This has also helped its customers around the world to optimize its solutions and obtain the technical support they need for meeting their particular needs. “Un-derstanding the process and giving customers the right solutions were the two concepts which we emphasized from the beginning,” says Metrani.

With years of expertise in the PLM space, the company helps its customers to be in line with the changes happening in the industry. In addition to this, Acnovate has conducted several conferences to help its customers understand the ways in which PLM solutions play a pivotal role in their ecosystem. Going forward, Acnovate will focus on catering more industry-oriented solutions for its customers around the world.