a2v: Redefine Audio, Visual, and Acoustic Experiences with a2v

Shreedhar Patel, Founder & CEO

The hybrid work culture has necessitated the creation of intelligent and evolved workplaces. Implementing the right audio-visual tools as well as the right acoustical environment enables organizations to create a thriving work environment, enabling seamless collaboration between various departments, irrespective of location. AV technologies must be integrated into a functioning solution to redefine workplaces, ensuring each technology is compatible and creates an outcome aligned with a client's vision and architecture.

a2v, with over 50 years of combined experience designing and implementing AV technologies, strives to understand customer needs to deliver custom audio-visual services to redefine workplaces and, in turn, add value to an organization. Envisaging their love for the AV industry, a2v designs architectural and technical solutions that enable transcendent acoustical and media technology performance.

a2v, with its team of architects, acousticians, and interior designers, is moving away from generic AV integration by emphasizing psychoanalytically perceiving sound. In a world where everybody has accessibility to collaboration platforms like zoom and teams, the acoustics of board rooms and conference halls, where important meetings take place, must be well thought out. a2v’s nimble approach toward each project ensures business units respond to client needs, design efforts, operational efforts, and integration to arrive at a sustainable solution that blends with the space.

"If the CEO's office or the boardroom doesn't look, sound, or feel good, it directly impacts what your company is like. We don't want your broadcast room to look like an afterthought," says Shreedhar Patel, Founder and CEO of the firm.

Using its broad expertise in various fields and deploying bespoke speakers and LED screens, a2v sets up comprehensive AV systems that seamlessly integrate with the pre-existing architecture and interior design. To develop and install solutions with specific customizations, a2v partners with various third-party manufacturing firms. It creates long-term partnerships with clients, educating them at every step of the implementation process and supporting them in using the product instead of merely installing solutions.

a2v’s adeptness in understanding a client's needs is amplified through its partnership with Broadcom, the American designer, developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. Broadcom's all-hands space, designed for company meetings and briefs from the CEO, faced large reverberations and unintelligible audio due to the original design. The area, which could occupy 400 people, had a wall of 25-foot glass on one side and was hardscaped with a balcony on the other. In addition to the reverb, the LED screens and speakers did not match the required functionality.

They sought a2v to uplift their space’s audio-visual experience. Leveraging the expertise of its design and acoustic team, a2v transformed the area to make it look more artistic using key elements and colors in Broadcom's branding while upholding the original architect's design.
Understanding their needs, it covered about 13,000 square feet of wall with acoustic material to eliminate the reverb. Setting up the correct speaker type complemented by acoustic rectifications, a2v lowered the acoustic levels from 7.2 to 1.2 on the RT60 rating. It also performed a sound test to prove the improvement in the STC rating of the area. After this revamp, Broadcom's employees began using the area as an off-hours hangout to perform silo meetings and small huddles.

Besides elevating AV experiences for clients, a2v bridges the technology divide in the community. "With the blessings of our guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj and his motto of “In the Joy of Others…” a2v cares, our community engagement initiative, we aim to provide laptops, tablets and hotspots to the underprivileged. We have distributed fully provisioned backpacks to kids, meals, blankets, and health care needs for the homeless," adds Patel.

If the CEO's office or the boardroom doesn't look good, sound good, and if it doesn't feel good, then it's a direct impact on what your company is like. We don't want your broadcast room to look like an afterthought. It should look like you thought of this from the beginning

a2v's custom-made solutions, zeal to understand clients, and initiatives to help its community, have given it an edge over the competition. Ensuring the simplicity and sustainability of its architectural acoustics and audio-visual technology, a2v strives to deliver visually compelling solutions that feel like a part of the function every time.