3 Elements Events: Organizing Flawless Technology Driven Events Across India

The organized events industry has grown at around 15 percent annually from Rs.2800 crore in 2011-12 to an expected Rs.5779 crore in 2016-17. This growth has provided a scenario where the current event management industry in India looks very positive and promising. Today, anything from a wedding to a corporate product launch is creating public interest and media stories owing to innovative concepts deployed into them.

Events provide a great platform for marketing & development of businesses which is why organizations reach out to event management firms

Events also provide a great platform for marketing and development of businesses which is why organizations reach out to event management firms. Jaipur based 3 Elements Events is one such firm which has mastered the
corporate event genre with innovation, workforce, and quality of service where it has got mastery on massive itineraries involved in events and ways where it does not compromise the quality in spite of low budgets.

Efficient Services
Founded in 2011 by Gaurav Sharma to address the scarcity of event management firms in Rajasthan, 3 Elements has grown to become a one-shop-stop for all the event management needs across India.The company has gradually grown by providing top notch services and earning the publicity through clients, it now has the reputation of providing flawless services for every kindof event including corporate events like conference, seminars, product launches, award functions, MICE events like gala dinners, customized tours and other events like weddings, concerts and many more.

The efficiency of the services provided by 3 Elements can be known through its various success stories, one of it being helping a renowned pharmaceutical company organizing a huge conference with its dates clashing with the high peak auspicious dates of weddings, when generally things don�t get easily available and become costlier.But with its reputation and contacts in the market, 3 Elements provided everything on time, at minimal rates and with no delay in the delivery of services, for which it received a standing ovation from the core management of the pharmaceutical company for its flawless services.
The Uniqueness
For 3 Elements, it's all about creativity and following latest working standards which make it stand out; it works towards leveraging the latest working technology to make an event successful with the use of latest consoles, lights & sound systems, and other latest technology. The company is well versed with latest trends and it also literates the client with information about old & new technology, therefore helping them choose the appropriate service they need. The team of highly experienced personnel always ready to give their best for the company has been the main driving force behind the success of 3 Elements. The dedicated customer-support staffs work hand-in-hand with the clients and make sure all the reports are synchronized timely.3 Elements strictly follows professional ethics when it comes to refund policy by providing clients with an opportunity to cancel any booked event and get the refund without unnecessary charges. "Considering the potential and advance booking charges of an event, clients get a refund if they wish to cancel the event, but they have to inform timely about the cancellation," says Gaurav.

Future Roadmap
After being recognized as one of the most promising event management companies in the country, 3 Elements now looks forward to keep all its present clients happy by providing qualitative services they desire for, and to add new clients to the list. It is also looking forward to implement all the latest and trending technologies to its services.