111 Immigration: A Light to Guide to a Safe & Better Future

Tony Ebraheem, Founder, 111 Immigration

As a father, Tony Ebraheem, Founder of 111 Immigration, wishes and works for a safe and secure future for his kids. His constant endeavour is to ensure his kids stay protected and provide them a childhood better than his, and a prosperous future.

It would not be wrong to say that every parent thinks and wants to act like Ebraheem. However, in times of such global uncertainty and geo-political tensions, affected parents from certain regions are finding it hard to secure a safe future for themselves and their kids. Immigration is one of the viable solutions but it comes with its own challenges. Ebraheem realized the need to make a parent’s job a tad bit easier and founded 111 Immigration.

An immigration lawyer by profession, Ebraheem started 111 Immigration to offer immigration advisoryto individuals looking to protect the future of their kids. “Based on the client's interest, there are sixteen legal investor programmes from sixteen different countries that we furnish”, says Ebraheem, Founder, 111 Immigration. The team at 111 Immigration possesses deep expertise in Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment, and immigration to various global destinations.
Under Citizenship by Investment, 111 Immigration team helps its clients gain second citizenship based on the investments they make in the country. This second citizenship can be availed within 100 days. In case of any geo-political tension in the first country, the client can easily settle in a host country and live a peaceful life. In addition, second citizenship can overcome the travel limitation set by the passport of the first country, giving global mobility and reducing visa processing time. Access to world-class healthcare, education, and standard of living along with newer business opportunities and tax benefits are additional features of Citizenship by Investment.

Residence by Investment, on the other hand, is designed to offer residence to individuals based on the investment they make in the host country’s economy. Clients will get permanent residency status in the hoscountry and access the enhanced quality of living along with business opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Apart from being a well-established name in immigration in UAE, there are two legal services licenses. Essentially, there are three companies under one. Under the legal services licenses, clients get the additional benefit of getting their documents attested and certified for all immigration programmes by 111 Immigration. They don’t have to go to a third party for the same.

The added advantage of availing of the company’s services is that the client service doesn’t stop once the new passport is delivered to the client. They get a lifetime advisor and consultancy from 111 Immigration to protect their legal rights in the host country.
Bringing Newness

111 Immigration is all set to make a big and positive impact in the post-COVID era and aims to create newways and ideas for the benefit of the industry. “Since day one of the establishment of this company, I wanted to add something to the immigration industry. After our study, we decided to create a mobile app specific to the industry”, says Ebraheem. In this app, Ebraheem is translating his knowledge of the immigration world for IT developers to bring simplicity and ease of operation to the app.

Based on the client's interest, there are sixteen legal investor programmes from sixteen different countries that we furnish

There is a dire need to introduce technology in the immigration industry, one being virtual passports. Ebraheem is of the opinion that in the coming years, the industry is going to adopt technology for the benefit of the general public. Retina scan can prove to be one potent technology to watch out for which will help overcome the fear of losing one’s passport while travelling.

111 Immigration is doing its part by creating the mobile app and is hoping to launch it in 2023. Along with the app, expansion plans are in the cards, with the aim to open new offices in more countries.