AppOrchid: Augmenting Ai & Nlp In Healthcare Landscape

Krishna Kumar, CEO & Founder

Krishna is an entrepreneur, innovator, visionary, and architect with high competency in marketing strategy. Krishna Kumar, the founder and CEO of App Orchid has led the company to greater heights year after year. Under his leadership, App Orchid has seen success owing to his potency in building management teams, acquiring marquee customers, and securing multiple multi-million dollar deals.

Based in Silicon Valley, App Orchid is a product development company which specializes in Cognitive Computing, App Building, Mobile App, and Analytical Apps. The company’s core focus is on developing solutions that could eliminate some of the modern day problems. To meet this, the firm creates apps that can make ‘Internet of Everything’ think like a human brain. The tech-savvy company incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to abstract and blend structured data from IoT and operational database with the unstructured ones and tribal knowledge. This integration then lays the viable platform for the query portfolio and assists the customers to get the required insights. To further identify patterns and improve risk management, the firm leverages Big Data based in-memory to perform deep learning operations. “Our ability to integrate IoT with knowledge intuition and leverage AI to craft solutions maps us as a phase changer in this space,” sparks Kumar.

The company was founded in 2013. Since its inception, the firm holds a stature of high prominence in the artificial intelligence space.
With AI and NLP in its portfolio, App Orchid has constantly worked to bring high-shield predictive analytics tools that could give its customers the best-in-market service experience. “Our whole goal is that user should be able to ask a question and the system should compile a solution immediately. We first act on the pain points of the clients and then craft a solution that goes on board with the customer needs.”

In this diverse ecosystem, Kumar firmly pointed out the importance AI could play for mapping the Healthcare landscape. “The biggest challenge in this sector is drug discovery. With AI, App Orchid builds automated robots that ushers a drug development landscape for building genetic drugs,” affirms Kumar. At the forefront of innovation, App Orchid’s solutions have marked its presence in pharmaceutical research, clinical studies, clinical trials, genetic research, and interest compliance. Kumar further exclaims “Our core products including Agora, Vulcan UX, and Cloud Seer have formed the base-structure for transforming the drug development ecosystem.”

App Orchid’s mission is to create “apps” that make the internet of everything think like a human brain

Agora is an NLP Infrastructure and a Big Data Science engine that lays the foundation for knowledge discovery and decision support framework. It works with Cloud Sheer, a cognitive computing infrastructure, to source and understand unstructured data from the universe. Vulcan UX is a computing based development suite that works without any additional training in the network. “These are different pillars of a tool which are crafted together to draft a solution that brings great benefits in transforming the healthcare ecosystem,” explains Kumar.

Apart from pertaining products for the healthcare unit, App Orchid’s myriad of solutions has also succored the Energy and Insurance space.
Bringing AI, NLP, and Machine Learning in the energy space enables the company to get useful insights from the unstructured self of data. For Insurance domain, App Orchid apps incorporate the vital information sources in internal and external stores from internet, social media, and Internet of Things to create a virtual repository of intelligence. It abets the insurance providers to claim process, blend unstructured documents, and obliterate the risk window.

App Orchid believes partnering with other market leaders in the same space is the key to an organization’s success. To this end, App Orchid has collaborated with various other market leaders such as IBM, SAP, Esri, and Ossify. This partnership program helps App Orchid to be in-line with the leading-edge technologies of the market and endow the best user experience for its clients. Referring to one of the clients, Kumar recalled how App Orchid assisted one of its customers to build a platform that helped them to plan their renewable use. The client, one of top-notch grid providers in Middle-East was facing complexities due to constant fluctuations in the grid paradigm. App Orchid prepared a Q&A brochure that could have a ground level understanding of the people consuming these energies and engage them to craft a solution for the same. “We called this system “Internet of People” as it holds a tribal understanding of the operators, and then, leveraging AI assists us to educate people to drop load when there is a scarcity of energy. We also call this system as Wikipedia of Energy,” smiles Kumar.

“At App Orchid, we believe in cultivating a universe where we build solutions that meet the dynamic drift of the market. Going forward, we want to be a profitable company that gives our shareholder high Return on Investment (ROI) value. In the coming years, with offices in Mumbai, Berlin, and U.S., our solutions will be monumental in shaping the future of mankind through augmenting human intelligence in the healthcare and energy space,” concludes Kumar.