Banyan Solutions Inc.: Ensuring End to End Medical Billing and Transcription Services

Jyoti Challi-Robinson, Founder, President, & CEO

Jyoti Challi-Robinson, Founder, President, and CEO of Banyan Solutions Inc., moved to America in 1999 with her daughter to begin a career in an IT consulting firm. However, destiny had other plans for her. Upon witnessing 9/11 firsthand and losing her job in New York along with numerous other professionals in the U.S., she made a life-changing decision for her six-year-old daughter and her career, leading to Banyan Solutions Inc’s genesis.

Banyan Solutions is a healthcare office solutions company that provides doctors, clinics, and hospitals nationwide with medical billing and transcription services. Having a background in information technology, expertise in enterprise resource planning, and a passion for healthcare, Jyoti began her journey in the saturated Medical Transcription industry. Despite stiff competition from existing transcription companies, she flourished due to her differentiated approach. Acknowledging that technology keeps evolving, she constantly adapts and comes up with better solutions while having a competitive advantage in the market.

“Our focus on details enables us to go the extra mile in resolving the medical insurance and billing problems of doctors and helps them get paid,” says Jyoti.
When Jyoti noticed her doctor recording patient notes and visits on a tape recorder, the idea for Banyan Solutions was conceived. These tapes were gathered, typed, and sent with printed correspondence and notes. The doctor would revise the letters before mailing them to patients, insurance providers, and referring doctors.

The entire procedure took around ten days, from dictation to delivery. Using technology, Jyoti eliminated the manual process of collecting tapes and provided a solution to transfer the audio files over the internet. Banyan Solutions customized web application is a cloud-based platform that lets doctors download their transcriptions and send them to other doctors or hospitals. The voice files are stored in a secured server equipped with a mini EMR and an in built HIPAA-complaint secure portal. The trained medical transcription specialists then convert them into word files per the template provided by the doctor’s office. The server allows the doctor to directly review, edit, E-sign, and fax the files. Banyan’s exclusive automated medical transcription faxing process, SecureFAX, helps reduce medical transcription expenses. In addition, medical transcriptions go through three successive levels of strict quality checks, before returning to the client.

Banyan reduces turnover time to 12 hours and enables secure, accurate, and accessible medical billing services that help physicians save time and increase profitability. Having worked with private doctors, clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals for over two decades, Banyan Solutions is quick at resolving their issues concerning insurance companies and payments.
Banyan’s certified coders work on medical coding and billing to prepare client insurance claims. Banyan’s revenue cycle management service helps doctors reduce medical billing expenses and streamline the reimbursement process.

To smoothen the insurance claims process, Banyan Solutions ensures all the drugs and supplies are billed, and the patient’s demographic and eligibility checks are done. It performs charge posting for doctors to ensure all the medical processes are coded with correct modifiers and units. Once the claim is paid, it is posted into the billing system. If unpaid or partially paid, its accounts receivable team works with insurance providers, sends appeals, and gets clients paid for the services provided to the patients.

Our focus on details enables us to go the extra mile in resolving all the problems of doctors in medical insurance and billing and help them grow their business

Banyan also provides insurance credentialing and contractions services and helps their clients in choosing the right insurance network.

Over the years, Banyan Solutions has gained popularity due to its stellar services in the industry and continues to grow via word of mouth. Having clients all over the U.S., it keeps a keen eye on their changing needs and uses technology to create new solutions. Jyoti and her team are available 24/7 for clients and try to help doctors with their queries.