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Techved Consulting

Techved Consulting

Techved Consulting

About the company

Techved Consulting is a leading ‘Global Usability & Design Company” in South east Asia with extensive experience and providing whole host of Usability Services. We have extended our services to various sectors and are well-known in BFSI, eCommerce, eLearning, Healthcare, Telecom and Electronics. We stay a step ahead of the emerging UX trends by co-creating exceptional solutions with a combination of creativity, strategy and excellent execution.

Current Market Landscape

UX Design is a fast growing field with businesses becoming overly aware of its benefits. In a country like India, where the population is so diverse, UX as a domain will certainly open new doors for opportunities and experimentation. Nowadays, attention is being paid to offering the right services to the right set of audience. To do so, having the right set of designers and strategists is imperative.

The fraternity on the whole is evolving with an attempt to engage users through multiple digital products. It gives me sheer enthusiasm to see how businesses are paying attention to UX in depth and how we work to create better experiences for users. The scope for UX design is humungous and the market will only mature in times to come.

Addressing the Challenges

Every emerging field comes with its own challenges and to tackle them with competitive mindset is the only way to survive in the long run. The web-world is advancing and these days, everything boils down to one term called user experience. To deliver an amazing UX to the clients and users requires a team that can understand what it actually means.

Choosing the right UX designers has always been an ardent task. This is not because good UX designers are hard to find but because right fit is difficult to ascertain. Some people create kick ass visuals and call themselves UX designers.

Techved Consulting is addressing to these issues by developing our own training centers to educate people about the true essence of UX.


Techved Consulting is known for its commitment, adherence to deadlines and delivering quality work under all circumstances.

Techved Consulting specializes in:

·        User Experience Design

·        User Research & Evaluation

·        Conversion Rate Optimization

Differentiating Factors

Techved provides support from research to final implementation helping the client understand about the consumers and deliver the right design. Before delivering comes the part where our team is open for brainstorming and gathering insights with in-depth analysis.

The team consists of analysts, researchers, designers and developers who share the same passion of going that extra mile to deliver something equally exceptional. The firm’s strength lies in attempting the extraordinary and defining new paths for world class solutions thereby crafting better experiences altogether.


Some of Techved’s prominent global clients include Samsung, Vodafone, DELL, GE, Unilever, PayPal, FedEx, amongst others.

Organizational Culture

Techved Consulting is an open and transparent organization with a fairly open culture. The firm does not believe in too many hierarchies. Its employees are trained on latest/upcoming trends from time to time. Techved believes that its strength lies in its people and they like to treat them well.

Harboring Innovation

Employees are free to explore and innovate when working on various projects. They also host ‘UXploration’ as a quarterly event where people from UX fraternity gather, meet, generate and share ideas.

Roadmap Ahead

Techved Consulting plan to further increase their footprint by opening office and strengthening their presence across Asia.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2007

2) Office locations: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Shanghai, Melbourne, Dubai

3) Company strength: 100+ and rapidly growing