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About the Company

Lollypop is a team of outstanding intellectuals and expert designers set out on a mission to sweeten the lives of people crafting every pixel with love and laughter. It is a designer’s paradise that breeds on the culture of humility while encouraging innovation. Expressions & thoughts are strategically woven around usability & creativity.

Current Market Landscape

India is witnessing the shift from information economy and emergence of design economy in a big way. With global markets shrinking over digital platforms, the implications are profound on businesses across all domains in driving exceptional consumer experiences.  Today, designers and design thinkers have a greater role in solving complex problems using consumer centric approach; they also assure that designs communicate, engage and evoke emotions. The business of design now has far reaching influence than ever before in helping everyone lives better. The current market landscape is huge and it will grow much bigger. Today everyone is keen on learning the concepts of UX and the implications it owes to their success. It is wonderful to find how large mass of population is pursuing design career on one hand and on other all Business leaders are actively exploring the opportunities it has to offer.

Addressing the Challenges

Every field has its own challenges and for the field like UX that is in its nascent stage, challenges are much bigger. We would talk only two major ones here, first is ‘Quality Talent’ and second ‘Awareness’.  The job portals are filled with the resume’s that boast of title “UX Designer” or “UI Designer” but the honest picture is quite different. Talent is available but quality talent is very limited. Everyone from every field has kind of jumped into the UX/ UI designing career but lacks the expertise it requires.  It is not an art, it is designing with technique and deep thought process. Moreover, the field is disrupted with sudden surge in demand for designers and big corporate houses are willing to pay fat money to the newbies too.

When it comes to awareness, it is not such a bright situation as of now. Good thing is corporate leaders know the term and are willing to explore but they do not necessarily realize its importance and the benefits it leverages. There is lot to be done by the design industry as a whole to educate people around.

Lollypop hires for attitude and train skills; the culture combined with projects ensures that once someone is attached to Lollypop stays forever. And, when it comes to education and awareness, the firmgenerally conducts a day or two workshops for all our clients to clarify the whole concept of the field of user experience.


Lollypop has a stupendous reputation for quality and bespoke designs across all platforms from mobile, websites and online tools& software; basically just about anything that demands awesome experience and engaging user interface. The firm specializes in digital experiences across:

1.         Mobile

2.         Web

3.         Desktop Applications


Differentiating Factors

Lollypop’s USP is its design thinking plus the team it has. Every project designed by it goes through rigorous brain storming and feedback from each designer. The firm encourages a lot of open discussions, ideation and suggestions and believes in research and in-depth understanding of the subject matter it involves itself with. The team draws from the insights and thereby designs an impeccable solution. The team comprises of individuals who shares a passion for designing. Most of them are passionate designers who have gone that extra mile to awe-struck everyone around with their skills. The professionalism clubbed with the designing passion is definitely among its core strength.


Lollypop has designed across domains like Health-care, Edu-tech, E-commerce, Food-tech, Online social platforms, Real-estate, Social cause and IT. The firm has also been closely associated with are RKSV, Stanford University, Myntra, Swiggy, Narayana Health, Dynamo 6 and Housing.

Organizational Culture

Lollypop lives true to the quote ‘Work Hard and Party Harder’.  The operations and indicators are absolutely transparent and lots of opportunities are given to learn and grow. Every designer is exposed to variety of projects that ensures an over-all development and the entire team takes responsibility and accountability of their projects equally.

The firm focuses on building on to each other’s strengths; and strives to outdo it every single time. Everyone is readily available to help; the humility is what keeps it grounded.  Also, the  founder, Mr. Anil is a people’s man and he takes time to mentor everyone around. He is inspiring and his passion is contagious.

Harboring Innovation

The whole brain storming and design discussions clubbed with lot of knowledge sharing keeps Lollypop updated. If anyone comes across an interesting read, it goes on a group and provides for food for thought. Moreover, the firm always strives to do something new in each of our projects, none of the projects are same be it as simple as login form.

Go-to-Market Plans

Lollypop envisions putting India on a world map as a “Design Destination” in a digital space. The firm is working towards strengthening the entire design mechanism.

Quick Facts


1) Year of founding: 2013

2) Funding information: Self- Funded

3) Founding members: Anil Reddy

4) Office locations: #1663, 27th Main, Sector 2, HSR Layout

5) Company strength: 35

6) Website: