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About the company

INKONIQ is an award-winning User Experience Design (UX/UI) company. The firm employs design thinking, latest technology, and years of expertise to deliver awesome experiences for brands and start-ups. Established in 2011, INKONIQ is the brainchild of Rajesh Kumar, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of INKONIQ, who holds 16 years of strong experience in the design and product space, having working with Fortune 500 brands and top design agencies. Based out of Bangalore, INKONIQ services combine design thinking, technical mastery and innovation to deliver awesome experience for Mobile, Web and IoT.

Current Market landscape

The organizations today focus on driving innovation, and companies are looking to innovate, automate, and deliver superior user experience. To stay relevant, it’s more about how you are able to use latest trends in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality to design for the innovative interfaces such as conversational interfaces, voice user interfaces (VUI) and natural user interface (NUI).

INKONIQ firmly believes in its out-of-the-box thinking and applying principles of human-centred design, but it's also equally important to embrace a holistic approach that takes into consideration the technological advancements and changes in the user lifestyle. Understanding the human behaviour has become critical to unlock the business values. There’s a strong awareness of applying user insights and design principles to develop products that solve real human problems.


INKONIQ has been building successful digital experiences across industries and domains spanning from Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Healthcare, Media, Retail, e-Commerce, Education, E-learning, Entertainment, and Travel. The firm holds fully integrated design practice that includes various steps like User Research, Usability Study, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Prototyping, UI Engineering and they take care of all the client needs –

●        Ideas to Product- Helps to validate the idea, craft the experience, and build world-class apps and websites.

●        Experience Optimization- Helps companies to improve their customer experiences and grow the business.

●        Design Practise Set-up- Helps the forward-thinking organizations in transitioning to design-led culture.

The company services also cater to Strategy Consulting, Mobile App Development, Product Engineering, Websites, and Digital Marketing.

Differentiating Factors

INKONIQ follows a holistic research driven experience design process that will help find a better product market fit to achieve success. At INKONIQ, the company process emphasizes on driving clarity with the client on what success looks like, what should be their future roadmap. Through iterative design approach, the team works on understanding users and their behaviours through deep empathy which is backed by user research techniques. Empathy helps the INKONIQ team in forming a user point of view to address the design requirements and explore a wide variety of possible solutions- to go beyond the obvious and explore a range of innovative ideas.

A combination of following five factors makes INKONIQ more efficient and different from its competitors:

1. Client as a Partner – Clients are asked to participate directly with the company team in a collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, testing, and improvement.

2. Expert Team + Holistic Process - INKONIQ comes with 16 years of design, technology, and marketing expertise, and they have refined a results-driven design methodology to iteratively improve the digital experience.

3. Rapid Prototyping, not presentations - The breakthrough ideas usually come through iterative design and rapid prototyping. Static presentations are things of the past.

4. Be Local, but think Global - The leadership at INKONIQ has a rich experience of working with top agencies in NY, bringing about the innovation, process, fit and finish, and attention to detail that you’ll find only amongst the top global design agencies.

5. It’s about small details - What differentiates the company’s experience is the small details that firm does better than others, this comes from the rich understanding of user needs, their motivators, and opportunities.


About six years ago, INKONIQ was set up as a Mobile App Development firm, however, today the firm is a recognized name renowned for its offerings like User Experience Design, Creative Services, Wordpress Development, Product Engineering and much more. INKONIQ’s portfolio comprises of Fortune 500 brands and hottest global startups including reputed brands like Infosys, Lowe’s, Flipkart, Townsquare Media, Zoomcar, NDTV, Sesame Street, Star Sports and many others.

Organizational Culture

A day at INKONIQ starts with a refreshing cup of freshly brewed coffee and a wish of providing solutions that are going to change people's lives. Because, the team INKONIQ strongly believes that everyone deserves to use software apps/websites that are usable, simple, and beautiful, whether they use it in their personal lives or for work.

INKONIQ is providing an open working environment with a lot of transparency and employee freedom. The company focuses on culture, employees live by it, and it glues them together. INKONIQ is a hub of fantastically skilled and intelligent people, brewing brilliant UX strategies and processes that shape unique ideas to amazing products.

Go-to-Market Plans

INKONIQ was set up with a vision to be an iconic brand in the space of UX driven mobile app development in 2011. Led by Rajesh Kumar, the INKONIQ team is on the mission to democratize ‘Design for everyone’. Started as an agency, today, INKONIQ is looking forward to expand their business and conquer more heights. Their future roadmap is to build a world-class academy that will create designers who are industry ready with the objective of helping Indian start-ups and brands to build better products for the global market.

Quick Facts:

1.      Year of Inception – 2011

2.      Funding Information – Self-funded

3.      Founding Members – Rajesh Kumar

4.     Office Location – 2616, 27th Main Road, HSR Layout Sector-1,  Bangalore

5.      Total Headcount – 40

6.      Website –